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OK, so this is not going to be my usual blog. I am not going to talk about how Jeff Sessions may be gone from the DOJ soon. Nor am I going to talk about New Jersey police officers caught behaving badly by beating someone who was literally on fire. Nor will I rant about how Madrid, Spain is banning Manspreading on public transit (Yes, Manspreading IS a thing. Who knew?).

By C J Oakes

So, the Question of the Day is, “Is Womanspreading ok?”

Author and Publisher C J Oakes.
Author and Publisher C J Oakes.


I just thought I would tell my readers a little bit about their publisher. Sure, anyone can read my Author Bio below each post, but I thought I would make this more about my usual day. You know, I am going to use this blog for one of the blogroll’s true purposes. News of the day from CriminalJusticeLaw.org and Oakes Writing. Read at your own risk (mainly, of boredom).

My days is likely spent pretty much any other freelancer. After staying up late working on miscellaneous projects which continue to overflow my ToDo list, I get three or four hours of sleep.

Upon rising, I must have a cup-o-joe. I call it joe because I was going to name my parent company JOEntertainment. As in Jeff Oakes Ent. Cool. Then, one day it hit me that if I called my company that, folks may think I operate a porn website. Not that launching one did not cross my mind (it is, after all, a multi-billion dollar industry), but I did not want that to be my legacy. So, I had to find a better name.

I settled on JOakesEntertainment.

J Oakes Entertainment Facebook Page. Found @OakesWriting
J Oakes Entertainment Facebook Page. Found @OakesWriting

Of course, this raised the idea that, when pronounced or it appeared without caps (joakes), someone may call it Jokes Entertainment. I am told I have a sense of humor, but I have a very hard time making jokes about something as serious as criminal justice, social justice, and law…ok, not law. Lawmakers provide plenty to get funny about, but that always ends up political–and I want this site to be as non-partisan as possible. So, that was out. Not settled. Kidding. Settled. Couldn’t think of anything better.

And, how do your find JOakesEntertainment? Simple, type @OakesWriting into a search engine and all my pages will appear. Or, just click the link in JOakesEntertainment, you know, @OakesWriting. Just do me one favor. Follow and like me. Please? Pretty please? With a cup-o-joe on top?

Anyway, back to my day.

I drink my joe and settle in for a day of promoting myself, seeking jobs, and writing for my clients. If I am not writing for my clients, I am writing for this website or one of my other three. (I also operate BuyLocalLubbock, an organization dedicated to helping people identify reputable, local businesses.)

This blog is part of the first part of my day after joe. I am promoting myself.

Break time…………………………………………………………………………………………..

Which brings me to one of the biggest challenges a Freelance Writer has. Time Management.

I usually start my self-promotional day by around 6 am. Today has been unusual with emergency demands on my time. Yet, this later start (and lack of pressing client work) did provide me with an idea. Time management is a problem for most freelance writers and maybe I can share some tips and tricks of the trade with those who engage in this line of work–it really IS living a dream, though sometimes, Freddy Kruger makes an appearance.

I am going to start a new segment on my YouTube channel C J Oakes. It will be called “A Writer Writing,” and will feature, you guessed it, me writing.

So, if anyone is interested in watching moss grow on a stone, paint dry, or A Writer Writing, head over to my channel and subscribe so that when the writing videos start to flow, you will be the first to get a heads up.

Why “A Writer Writing?”

C J Oakes My YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe now to start receiving notifications of the most exciting viewing lineup ever--A Writer Writing.
My YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe now to start receiving notifications of the most exciting viewing lineup ever–A Writer Writing.

I figured that if people have an interest in writing, I could offer tips along the way. Kind of like a cooking show, but with words instead of sauces, keystrokes instead of mixing spoons, imagination rather than garlic salt.

I figured that many of my readers here would be interested in how I build, develop, and grow this site, the ideas that render it alive and the joy of checking my daily stats. Then too, I figured some of my Oakes Writing clients and potential clients may have an interest in how I develop their content.

Also, I figured there may be more freelance writers out there just starting out who may benefit from what I have learned after years of doing so. Yes, maybe, just maybe I will have some freelance wisdom to share.

A Writer Writing on YouTube (search for C J Oakes) will feature this and more. You may even get to meet my son, my wife, or anyone else who happens along while I work.

See you there.

C J Oakes

President, Publisher at Oakes Media Group
C J Oakes is an author and freelance writer from Lubbock, TX, USA. In addition to this website, he operates OakesWriting.com and BuyLocalLubbock.com.

As an author, he has numerous books to his credit including the best-selling Survive and Thrive After the Collapse of the Dollar series. In addition, he has written over a hundred books for clients since 2011 and has created innumerable web pages for law firms and others worldwide.

Passionate about Justice, Mr. Oakes believes that the scales of justice are never balanced, but it is the duty of each citizen to do their part to re-calibrate the scales as needed. When the scales of justice shift too far to one side, they must be returned a near as possible to center.

He built this site with the goal of helping students of criminal justice understand how to apply the principles needed for re-calibrating the scales as well as providing easy access to needed study resources.

Criminal Justice Law International welcomes guest posts and anyone interested in contributing to the goals of the site.

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