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CriminalJusticeLaw.org is looking for writers who would like to make a difference.

If you have a passion for criminal justice and criminal law, we would like to add your voice to this site.

Whether you want to contribute regular articles to this site or are looking to Guest Blog for links back to your own, we are glad to have you.

In addition, we are actively seeking police departments and professionals interested in additional marketing of their agency, be it for better community relations or recruiting. We have lists of nearly every law enforcement agency on this website and would really love to have information added about each by people familiar with the department. Click here to learn more about this project.

Our goal is to develop the largest resource on the Web for students of Criminal Justice and related Law. To this end, we want to add reference pages for…

  • All Police Departments
  • All Prisons
  • All Public Defenders
  • All Defense Attorney’s
  • All Prosecutors
  • All Courts
  • All Forensics Examiners
  • All Coroner/Medical Examiners Offices
  • All Universities and Colleges
  • All Criminal Justice and related Law Careers
  • Anything else of import to students of Criminal Justice worldwide

Ambitious? Yes.

But recalling our own days in school for Criminal Justice is what brought this on. We remember searching the Internet for good resources and finding none. When conducting research for essays and theses, we had to scour long documents and dig deep into multitudes of official websites to find the answers needed. There was simply nothing on the web that contained it all.

We would like to change that. And we Need Your Help.

Criminal Justice Law offers four ways that our readers can help out. Each depends on in what way and how much you would like to aid this enormous project. Three positions are paid, one is not.

Don’t worry if you are not a professional or “expert” writer. You have a voice, a unique point of view, and we would like to hear from you.

Following is what we seek. If you would like to get involved, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Guest Blogger – A guest blogger is just that, a guest. Most already know what a guest blogger is and what it does for their website. We gladly take one-time submissions. To submit a guest blog, simply write to CJOakes@CriminalJusticeLaw.org and submit your content via a Word Doc. We will also be happy to set up regular guest bloggers with an account. Just keep the content related to crime, criminal justice, social justice, or law in some way. Also, if any guest bloggers would like CriminalJusticeLaw.org to add guest blogs to their site, we are happy to discuss these. (See Terms for details on Guest Blogging at Criminal Justice Law.)
  2. Commentator – Commentators are readers who would like to comment on pages and posts. Such comments would add value to the content by including both views and relevant links. Most readers have the own views and in harmony with the teachings of John Stuart Mill, we believe that the best way to progress is to entertain as many opposing views as possible. Your voice needs to be heard. By becoming a commentator to CriminalJusticeLaw.org, you can do just that. To become a commentator, just sign up with WordPress after clicking the comment button at the bottom of every post/page.
  3. Occasional/One Time Contributor – Occasional contributors are those who are not professional writers and do not seek to make a career of writing. Still, but adding their contributions, payment will be made. We primarily seek essays written while in College. You know, those essays which are now collecting proverbial dust on your hard drive? Why not put them to use. We will purchase these at a rate of $5.00 per 2K words. There will be no need for editing or making them fancy; they were done as an assignment, but why not make a few bucks off them? (See Terms for complete details)
  4. Regular Contributor – Regular contributors are as the name implies. These are persons who would like to add content on a regular basis, at their leisure, as they see fit. The content will only be words; media cannot be added by contributors. Contributors are paid a sliding percentage of the ad revenue generated by their content permanently but retain the right to withdraw their content at any time. We should note that as of June 2017, this site does not generate much in terms of revenue; our focus has been on growing traffic. We hope to make that change soon and are actively seeking regular ad partners. If interested in becoming a Regular Contributor to CriminalJusticeLaw.org, we strongly encourage you to read our Terms page for complete details.
  5. Author – Authors are paid by Criminal Justice Law to add content to the site. They may add their own or work on an assignment. In order to become an author for CriminlJusticeLaw.org, one must be invited. We draw from Regular Contributors for these positions as growth demands. Authors are paid a combination of ad revenue sharing and flat fees for content. When flat fees are paid, the content becomes the property of the site. When ad sharing applies, the author retains copyright to their content. (See Terms for complete details)

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