U.S. Violent Crime: Top 500 Cities

The following chart shows the Top 500 cities in the United States for violent crime as reported in the 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR). We must remember when reading this information that only about 2/3 of all jurisdictions have reported to the FBI for this data, thus the statistics do not display the complete picture. In addition, these are only the “reported” crimes and do not reflect crimes which went unreported.

Also, in some instances, statistics are missing which skews the data somewhat.

For example, notice that Chicago, Illinois, a city with one of the biggest problems with violence, is not represented. This is because the Chicago Police Department did not provide the FBI with this data. Look at the Crime Rates for the Top 100 U.S. Cites. Ranked Number 3 on the list is Chicago, but you will note that the first space for “Violent Crime” is blank, as are the spaces for Rape and Aggravated Assault. These figures were, for whatever reason, not reported so the FBI left them blank.

2013 Violent Crime Top 500 Cities as Percent to Population

As will be noted in the following spreadsheet showing the Violent Crimes reported in the UCR for the Top 500 U.S. Cities in 2013, a very different picture appears.

Note: Both spreadsheets may be viewed in Google Docs or downloaded for your own use.

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