Reality Winner: Leaker, Loser, or Legitimate Hero?

Reality Winner is an American Hero

Opinion by C J Oakes

In case you haven’t heard, Reality Winner is the name of the latest in a string of classified document leakers. Leigh is her middle name. One can imagine her parents had high expectations for their daughter given her name, so when she began to work as a contractor for the U.S. Air Force, the sky surely seemed the limit.

That is until Reality Leigh Winner stole classified documents and leaked at least one to an online media source.

As a contracted linguist with high-level security clearances for the United States Air Force, Reality Winner had access to information the U.S. Government would like to keep from the people. You know, transparency in modern politispeak is translucent…possibly opaque.

It is this very fact that the United States Government is no longer transparent that has so many young, bright, ideological people leaking documents that land them in hot water with the authorities. Reality Winner is but the latest and perhaps one of the most striking examples of democracy in inaction.

What horrible documents did Reality Winner leak?

That is not an easy question to answer. It seems that even the evidence of her alleged crime is a secret. She is facing a trial where the prosecutor made a proven false claim in order to deny her release on bond and the evidence against her is sealed.

In other words, Reality Winner is about to get the kind of trial conducted by the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet KGB. Secret. Not public…not really.

Anytime information about a trial is kept secret, the people living in a democracy are in danger of authoritarianism. Anytime information related to election tampering is kept secret, the danger increases exponentially. – C J Oakes

What was so horrendous a leak that this young woman is considered a major threat to the United States Government such that she must be held without bail?

NBC News connected the dots between a report published online by the Intercept and drew the conclusion that she likely leaked,

“a classified National Security Agency report suggesting that Russian hackers attacked a U.S. voting software supplier before last year’s presidential election.”

Is Reality Winner a Loser for Leaking the Russian-US Election Connection?

Now think about that. Surely the U.S. Justice Department under AG Jeff Sessions would want information related to Russian election interference in the 2016 elections made public. Surely, the guy who recused himself from the investigation into the Russian-US election tampering would not have a problem with such documents reaching the people who allegedly make up this country? Surely AG Sessions believes in democracy.


And lest we forget, one of Donald Trump’s favorite words is “Loser.”

Reality Winner is likely to Lose. The Trump Administration will not allow otherwise; it can not afford to permit any leaks that might allow the American public access to information they should rightfully possess.

That is why the President is now decrying the NFL – he is doing his best to keep attention away from Robert Mueller and the investigation into Russian-US election tampering.

Remember, he fired James Comey for doing his job and has shown nothing but contempt for the intelligence community.

Reality Leigh Winner is a Legitimate Hero

Per the Bing online dictionary, a hero is,

“a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

Reality Winner is an American Hero
The sad reality in America today is that our government hides information which should be public under a veil of “classified.” Not acceptable. Join Reality. Be a Winner.

Leaking classified documents, regardless of content or intent, is a crime. Of course, making documents which should be public information SHOULD be a crime and legitimately is (see the Declaration of Independence for clarification). So what Reality Winner did was break one crime to honor her oath to the Constitution and the people of the United States. That took courage; it was a noble move.

However, she will be prosecuted. She will likely be tarred and feathered by the U.S. Government which is far from the transparent vision our Forefathers intended. She will likely serve many years, if not decades in prison — all for being a patriot….a true and legitimate hero of the people.

This, while the fake leaders dine on Chinese food and fried chicken.

Hats off to you Ms. Reality Leigh Winner. You are a winner in our book.

Of course, that need not be the case. If enough people get involved in helping Ms. Winner, she could win. We the People ARE the government of the United States. Not Donald Trump. Not the U.S. Senate. Not the House. Not the Supreme Court. Everyone. Every American citizen. Every person with a voice.

We are heard both through our votes and our protests.

NOTE: For anyone interested in helping Ms. Winner win her cause, visit the website to learn more.

To add your voice to the protests to help join the cause continued by Reality Winner, the most recent heroic whistleblower, do any or all of the following…

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