Quick Action by Las Vegas Police Saved Lives

Map showing location shooter fired from, festival grounds, and LVPD

At a time when most are discussing new gun laws, Criminal Justice Law International would like to pause to recognize the heroes of the mass shooting in Las Vegas: The LVPD.

Few have stopped to give thought to just how incredible the response time from the Las Vegas Police SWAT team really was. Sure, the department has a precinct building just south of Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, but the shooter was on the 32nd floor. Yet, the police managed to locate the room of shooter Stephen Paddock in under 11 minutes. Well done.

Eleven Minutes? Really?

Yes, really.

Map showing location shooter fired from, festival grounds, and LVPD
Note that the Festival grounds (yellow oval) are just west of the Airport, just northeast of the corner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel (red circle). The Las Vegas Police Department is immediately south, circled in purple. Map Source: Microsoft maps.

Here is how we know. The recorded time from when Paddock opened fire until the shooting stopped is recorded as between 10 and 11 minutes. The reason he stopped, as we now know, is because he killed himself when police were banging at his door, room 32135.

This was not in his plans, as the Las Vegas Sheriffs Department has learned. They have uncovered evidence that Paddock was planning another attack elsewhere the following weekend. So, he planned to get away.

Still, eleven minutes seems pretty fast, right?

Maybe not.

Look at the map. See the red circle? That shows the location of Stephen Paddock’s room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel from which he fired.

The yellow oval is the location of the stage and festival grounds where his victims received his hail of bullets.

The purple circle at the bottom shows the location of the Las Vegas Police Department. In other words, the LVPD was just across the street to the south of Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

Still, Eleven Minutes is Outstanding and Because of the Quick Efforts of the LVPD, Countless Lives Were Saved

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is always easy to look at a situation and think about the negatives. Yes, many lives were lost and hundreds were wounded. Yes, Paddock was deranged. Yes, there may be some things which would make sense when it comes to gun control. Or not. That is for the people and the politicians to decide.

But 11 Minutes!

Sure, the LVPD was right next door, but eleven minutes is still outstanding police work. The officers at Las Vegas Police Department saved countless lives that day. Each one should be hailed as a hero in the community.

The people of Las Vegas are lucky to have them.

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