How Do Lawyers Effectively Manage Required Transcriptions in 2017?

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Guest Post by Rachelle Wilber

Paralegals have been a vital resource in the legal industry for many decades. Attorneys often have large caseloads and doing the actual research and required paperwork for a legal case can be very time-consuming. Attorneys tend to focus their time most effectively on negotiating case settlements while the office staff handles the paperwork. However, digital communication technology has clearly changed the method that all businesses operate, and lawyers are no different.

Hire a Legal Team

Many law firms primarily choose to hire all legal technicians used in routine company business, often based on the size of the firm and the number of clients. While specific attorneys may handle all cases in a certain field of law, the firm still needs trained professionals who can file all necessary paperwork and produce documents. The types of documents can range from letters to respondents and clients to actual legal paperwork for filing lawsuits.

Hire a Legal Transcription Service

Time equals money in all businesses, and many lawyers find they can effectively utilize third-party services for most legal paperwork requirements as opposed to having a significant staff that is still necessary even when caseloads are low. A reliable legal transcription service, like Caliber Litigation Services, can access legal documents in the same manner as a law firm and can be much more time efficient in many instances. Customer service is important to all transcription professionals. This means that necessary transcriptions can commonly be provided without delay, especially when standard form templates can be used. Accuracy is also important to an experienced transcription provider, and attention to detail is a primary focus.

Delegate Duty to Associate Attorney

Testimony in court cases is also an area of concern for attorneys, as many times the actual testimony will determine the outcome of the case. It is vital for these documents to be transcribed accurately and provide the information needed to make a case successful. The security that comes with knowing the staff can be important for many attorneys, but the truth is that an in-house staff can also significantly increase payroll and benefit expenses. The importance of legal transcriptions in most cases is often such that attorneys will actually prepare documentation personally when appropriate, especially at small private firms.

All legal professionals understand that dictation is vital to their industry and dependable specialized transcription professionalism is a business necessity. Ultimately, all lawyers also understand that the firm is a business first and foremost and getting a handle on operational expenses results in real income that is reflected on the bottom line. And, with the current availability of a multitude of legal specialists online, using a third-party legal professional for transcription purposes is not a difficult decision for any law firm when they find the right transcription service for their firm.

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