All in All it’s Just a Wall…A Crafty Solution for President Nieto

black Image of scales on white background with the words, "calibrate the scales" overlaid. As with any set of scales, the scales of justice must, from time to time, be recalibrated. Total balance is never achieved, but all in the criminal justice and legal systems must strive for it as much as possible.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is faced with a decision. Cow to President Donald J. Trumps trumped up idea to make Mexico pay for his promised border wall or fight back. Trump laid down a gauntlet recently by telling President Nieto that his office will cut off contact with our southern neighbor if his demands are not met. President Trump, don’t you know by now that ultimatums never work out well?

President Nieto…Here is a Crafty Idea in Response to Ultimatums by the Ultimate Tantrum-Machine

The Donald Trump border wall is planned because America wants to keep our Mexicans. This, despite our reliance on millions of seasonal migratory workers to our farms and other jobs Americans do not want. Let Trump build his wall then watch the United States produce rot in the fields. Sit back and watch as your neighbor to the north suffers for the economic ignorance of the guy in charge. Leave him to his ultimatum.

In fact, why not stop the suffering in your nation because of cooperating with the United States’ Drug War?

To date, Mexico has suffered more violence because it supports U.S. efforts to stop the flow of drugs into the nation than any other country. Trump wants his wall and wants to make ultimatums? Let him. In the process, end the drug war in your country and free your people to the economic possibilities of flooding America with marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and more. Let it flow until the wall goes up.

Make money from Trump’s tantrum rather than continue to support the United States as you have for decades…at enormous cost to you, we should note.

Think of it like a divorce, something Donald Trump knows a bit about. Mexico does not have a prenup with America. Once you stop the drug war on your end, you can make nearly any demand you want. Trump will have to concede once the only buffer between South American and Asian narcotics goes away. You will end the violence in your nation, lower your own expenses related to this failed drug war, and teach a bully a lesson.

Go for it President Nieto. And remember. You do not have to feel sorry for us when the drugs ravage our society. We are going to have a wall to protect us. We don’t need your help anymore. Take care of your people and stop fighting the drug war for the U.S. That would be the best way to respond to this ultimatum.

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