Could Juicing the Banana Stop Parole for OJ?

OJ being poured into a glass. Caption reads, Bet you'll never look at a glass of Orange Juice the same way after reading this. Go on, kill a glass. Make OJ Simpson proud.

Yes, masturbation is not allowed in prison. Affectionately known as “killing,” spanking the monkey, pounding the pud, choking the chicken is a disciplinary violation for inmates. Any infraction resulting in a disciplinary hearing will set a parole hearing back. OJ Simpson was coming up on parole soon and his recent act of coming may throw a kink into those plans.

Odd Criminal Justice News by C J Oakes

Most remember the famous O J Simpson murder trial. Some even remember that the Juice was later arrested for a robbery and sentenced to 33 years. Well, it seems that OJ Simpson has been the model prisoner and is scheduled July 20, 2017 for a parole hearing. In fact, BRUCE FROMONG, one of the victims of Simpsons robbery is scheduled to appear. Oddly, Fromong will testify on behalf of the Juice, saying that the two have made amends and he believes Simpson should be released. Fromong is among 11 other persons scheduled to testify on behalf of the former NFL star.

But that may not happen.

Whether it was the excitement of the possibility of living free again or the idea that he may once again be able to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with real-live women, the Juice got caught juicing…an infraction that could cost him the hearing date set for tomorrow.

What’s the Big Deal with Masturbation in Prison?

Prison is all about control and custody. Security is the utmost concern. So, one would imagine that letting off a bit of steam by getting off would be ok. Surely, releasing a bit of semen is far better than releasing a bit of pent-up anxiety in other ways such as shanking the cook because the bread was a bit stale. But the modern prison does not see it that way.

In the modern prison, masturbation, called in inmate slang, ‘killing it,’ is a no-no. In fact, any kind of sex among inmates, which is very common is taboo. Why?

As for the sex, it makes sense. One of the largest health concerns with the modern prison is Hepatitis C, which is easily transmitted via unprotected sex, especially the butt kind that generally takes place in all-male settings such as prison.

But masturbation?

Hard to say what the logic is there. It could simply be a throwback to puritanical ways when penitentiaries were places of penitence…as in the religious sense. Or, it could be just a way of enforcing more control over prisoners. After all, few people can go without sexual release for long so it is only a matter of time before an inmate is caught engaging in self-abuse. Cannot have a prisoner abusing self. Got to punish them. For them to penance. Maybe even place them into the pillory.

In any case, it is supremely ironic that someone who got off on a murder charge may be held back from parole for getting off, for ‘killing it’ as the expression goes. Way to go OJ. Juice it up.

Update: The Juice is Loose. For the average inmate, a disciplinary infraction like OJ’s would have delayed a parole hearing (after all, how will the inmate be punished for beating off if he is paroled?). O J Simpson, however, had his day before the Parole board and is to be released on good behavior. Look out America, the Juice is on the Loose and already has a record of killing it.

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