Molly Highlights the Folly of the Drug War

The Drug War by any objective measure has been an abysmal failure and the drug known as “Molly” is but one striking example of this. “Molly” shows the folly of the Drug War as we know it today. But what is Molly and how does this show how the Drug War is a failure as it is being fought today?

What is Molly?

Molly is the term used to describe the powder form of MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy.  The form known as “Molly” has been around for about ten years, but recently made headlines after several deaths attributed to the drug.  These deaths give us pause and for anyone not in the know, the headlines can be quite misleading, further demonstrating the folly of the Drug War as it is currently being fought.  How so?

English: Blue Ferrari's and Orange Bacardi Bat...
English: Blue Ferrari’s and Orange Bacardi Bats surrounded by MDMA+Caffeine Capsules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, most who seek Molly are seeking the pure form of MDMA because it is known that in the pure form, MDMA is the safest drug ever invented.  MDMA was invented just over a hundred years ago by a Swiss chemist named Anton Kollisch.  From the time of invention until the early seventies, many potential uses for the drug were attempted, primarily in Psychology.

However, physicians could find no viable theraputic use for MDMA and by the seventies, they had begun to prescribe it for patients who just wanted to feel better or like people more–sort of an early anger management.  In fact, the gay community in the seventies had discovered that pure MDMA heightened the senses and enhanced feelings of love.  This made it a perfect sex drug.

MDMA and Sex

MDMA (pre-Molly) was used in the gay community throughout the seventies and eighties as a sex drug.  It was pure and until that time, had gained the reputation in the Medical and Pharmaceutical communities as the safest drug ever invented.

In fact, during nearly 80 years of existence, no harmful side effects and no deaths had ever occurred with MDMA.  It was a controlled substance, meaning that a Doctor had to prescribe it, but was also easy to obtain. There was no reason not to prescribe MDMA to a patient. There was no harm, there were no risks–the drug was safe. All a patient needed to do was ask for MDMA and a prescription was provided.

One would have been hard-pressed at that time to find a Doctor who would not simply provide the medication when asked.

But starting in the eighties, a strange thing (not really, when you think about it) happened–the straight community discovered MDMA (pre-Molly).

College students began using MDMA as a recreational sex drug and in short order, some parent groups discovered this.  Outraged that their “kids” (college-age adults) were taking a drug for recreational and (“Oh, my God!”) sexual purposes, these groups lobbied Washington conservatives to “do something about the problem.”

The answer for every problem throughout the Drug War has been a law–never education, never speech, never knowlege–just a law…and that is what happened. Our wonderful, impotent Congress, which opposes all recreational drugs except their Viagra, proposed a law banning MDMA, the safest drug ever invented.

MDMA, the Law, and the Rise of Molly

By the late eighties, a conservative movement within Congress managed to get MDMA banned as a Schedule I drug.  This did three things…

English: 100% Pure Methylenedioxymethampethamine
English: 100% Pure Methylenedioxymethampethamine/MDMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia) otherwise known today as Molly.
  1. Presumably protected the “kids”
  2. Shut off any future research into proper uses for MDMA
  3. Provided the Drug Lords with yet another very lucrative product

Once the U.S. Congress banned MDMA, the drug lords did not waste any time. By 1991, the Drug called Ecstasy began appearing nationwide.  The only difference between pure MDMA and Ecstasy was that the new drug was impure and very dangerous.

The Drug Lords, seeing the non-addictive properties of the original MDMA began to make blends using Cocaine, Opium, and other controlled substances. In some cases, low-level street dealers further stepped on the product adding such wonderful things as household cleaning chemicals and solvents.  These adulterations took an otherwise safe drug and transformed it into something VERY dangerous and deadly. Thank you Congress. Smart move.

Tablets sold as MDMA may contain other chemicals
Tablets sold as MDMA/Ecstasy often contain other chemicals, most notably speed. These adulterants turns an otherwise safe recreational drug into a dangerous drug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moving into the new century, many drug users began to seek the “pure” form of MDMA.  So, once again, the Drug Lords saw an opportunity.  In fact, this was good for business because it is easier to ship a powder form of anything into the country than to ship pills.  Powders can be disguised easier.  So this began to happen.

Initially, Molly was pure and safe.  But greed and the unregulated nature of the underground drug trade brought about the inevitable–cut the pure Molly with impurities to make more money.

This resulted in the Molly of today–an impure drug sold to the unsuspecting who are seeking the safe high of the original MDMA.

Molly does illustrate the folly of the Drug War.

That said, MDMA as a pure medication may be making a comeback.

In March 2015, the professional journal Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry reported that some adult patients with autism were responding well to MDMA for treatment of social anxiety

Additionally, in May 2016 the Journal of Psychopharmacology noted that some researchers are using the drug to help persons suffering from PTSD.

Would it not be ironic if MDMA has to be again rescheduled because of Congress’ shortsighted attitude? Molly highlights the folly of the Drug War. 

And if Molly makes you think of a song, you might enjoy the following video…

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