Hey! EpiPen. What Kind of Crazy Criminal Crap Are You Up To?

EpiPen made by Meridian for Mylan is recalled for failure to operate.

Opinion by C J Oakes

Do you have an allergy to shellfish, insects, or certain foods like peanuts? Do you hate monopolies? Might you expect involvement in litigation related to defective medical devices such as EpiPen? Then pay attention. This post is for you.

Meridian Medical Technologies Forced to Recall EpiPen

EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing de...
EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing devices which can be used to alleviate the symptoms of severe, acute allergies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meridian Medical Technologies, a division of Pfizer Corporation, has been forced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recall certain EpiPen products. The recall affects defective EpiPen’s produced at its Brentwood, Missouri facility.

On the surface, this is harrowing news for anyone with severe allergies because these people must have an EpiPen on hand to prevent death from an allergic reaction. The EpiPen is an epinephrine auto-injector. For anyone with a serious allergy, having the device function as designed literally means the difference between living and dying.

Of course, this recall does not affect ALL EpiPens — only pens manufactured at the Brentwood factory. That is the good news for allergy sufferers.

That is also the bad news for opponents of monopolies.

The EpiPens produced at the Brentwood, MO facility are manufactured for Mylan Specialty. Recall that Mylan was the company which, back in 2016 jacked EpiPen prices a whopping 400%. This action caused some to raise the specter of antitrust violations.

Now it seems, Mylan not only jacked EpiPen prices but did so for products which were failing and killing people. Wow.

Worse still, the company making the defective medical devices known as EpiPen for Mylan was the only competitor of Mylan, Meridian Medical Technologies in Brentwood, Missouri.

Even worse, Meridian KNEW of the device failures as early as 2014 and continued to distribute the faulty devices to Mylan! To learn more, read the 3922-word letter sent to Meridian from the FDA here.

Meridian…What Kind of Crazy Corporate Criminal Crap Are You Up To?

This makes one wonder. Think about the ramifications for a moment.

  • Meridian makes EpiPen for its ONLY competitor.
  • Mylan must exist to prevent a monopoly for Meridian.
  • Mylan jacks prices because they have a monopoly on certain EpiPen products.
  • Meridian knows of defects in the products it manufacturers for Mylan yet
  • Does nothing.

Can we say something is foul in the state of Missouri?

EpiPen made by Meridian for Mylan is recalled for failure to operate.
Meridian must recall EpiPen’s made in Brentwood, Missouri because of failures to inject the needed medication. Turns out, this is the factory which produces the pens for the only competition, Mylan. Mylan is best-known for jacking prices 400% in 2016. Hmm. Image Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/cvs-takes-on-mylans-epipen-with-much-cheaper-version-of-an-alternative-2017-01-12

Expect serious issues to arise from this.

Not only will those with defective EpiPens going to sue, the litigation is going to involve a complex web between supposed competitors. There will be further investigations into antitrust (monopoly) charges by politicians and prosecutors. There will be continuous debate into how best to protect the public from such corporate collusion.

All the while, people will be dying.

That is some crazy criminal crap Meridian.

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