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Australia – a dreamland. This is certainly not going to happen, except that a kangaroo bounces across the street in red. This is probably the somewhat transfigured image of us against the Fifth Continent. But unfortunately it is not much different in our latitudes. In addition to the ‘usual’ crime like theft and the like, it is more often times overpriced on tourists. Particularly in Alice Springs travelers should be careful, warns the Federal Foreign Office, as several robberies and even rapes of tourists were reported. But even the organized crime does not stop before Australia, especially in the cities there are many different gangs.

Areas of crime

Almost every second, a more or less serious offense or crime is committed anywhere in the world, such as theft, fraud, bodily harm or murder. The crime rate varies according to the social environment and the fight against crime. The term “crime” covers the totality of the offenses determined statistically within a given period and within a given area. To these offenses can

  • Thefts
  • Injury
  • Peccadilloes,
  • Negligent killing or death
  • murder

Sexual violence – Most frequently found crime today!

Sexual violence has many faces. Often she appears quite undisclosed, often using subtle psychical means to camouflage her intentions.

Verbal harassment, sexual intercourse, exhibitionistic acts, masturbation as well as oral, vaginal and anal rape are the most common forms of sexual abuse. This also includes children’s pornography, which, as one of the most despicable forms of sexual abuse, increasingly also uses the Internet as a medium of representation.

In many cases, sexual abuse is only a specific form of exploitation within the context of a dependency relationship. This is why sexual assaults are very common in families and communities. And so, such offenses have much more to do with power, submission, and (psychic) violence than with sexuality. For the victims – mostly women and children – a traumatization of lifelong impact is associated with the experience of sexual violence. A particularly despicable form of sexual exploitation is child sex tourism in this context.

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