Euthanize Autistic Child Letter…Foolishness or Criminal?

Yahoo News reported today on the letter that is moving across Twitter at the speed of viralocity.  The letter, cowardly slipped under the door of an Ontario woman with an autistic grandchild, claims that no one in the neighborhood wants her living there, but all lack “the guts to tell” her.  Bravo, that took guts…especially the part where the complaintant failed to sign the note properly, calling herself instead, “One Pissed Off Mother.”  Classy, but perhaps somewhat wise on her part considering that Ontario police are now investigating and consulting with the Crown as to whether there is anything criminal at play.

Is the Euthanize Autistic Child Letter Criminal?

This letter suggesting the family euthanize their autistic child begs the question of criminality.  Certainly anyone with a heart will want some kind of retribution should the cuprit be caught (she certainly will not reveal herself now that the world is chiming in to tell her vis-a-vis Twitter, what a twit she really is).  But as a civilized society, we must bear in mind that just because we disdain certain words from our neighbors, this does not make those words criminal.

Personally, I loathe everything she said in the letter, not just the part suggesting the euthanizia of the autistic child (and if you have not read the entire letter, click here to read it – Warning, the letter is not particularly tactful and certainy VERY hateful).  I find what she wrote disgusting and contemptable.  If she were my neighbor, I would shun her, offer verbal humiliations at every chance, and essentially make her feel like such an outcast that SHE would move.  I would treat her as if she were wearing a Scarlett Letter “A” as in the Nathaniel Hawthorne book.

The Foolishness of the Writer of the Euthanize Autistic Child Letter

I find it both humorous and incredible how many mean and foolish people are today finding justice from neighbors and the world via the Internet.  Not long ago, some twit of a girl posted a YouTube Video wherein she castigated Asians–before long, she was the one castigated.  Another brazenly refered to African Americans in the most derogatory manner, only to find that he was NOT popular as a result (he later lamely claimed to have been joking).  In fact, YouTube and Twitter abound with people who let their true selves show and find that to their surprise, people don’t like them very much.  This foolish coward of a neighbor who sent the letter suggesting euthanasia for autistic children is unfortunately but one in a long string of such persons.

I hope that the coward who wrote that letter is paying attention.  She, not her neighbor’s grandson, is the monster.  The “One Pissed Off Mother” is One chicken-shit twit. One can only hope she is getting that message loud and clear.  Perhaps she should euthanize herself–it would certainly solve her problem.

Is she a Criminal?  Unfortunately, no.

Foolish?  Not in her own eyes, sadly.

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