Nevada Police List

black Image of scales on white background with the words, "calibrate the scales" overlaid. As with any set of scales, the scales of justice must, from time to time, be recalibrated. Total balance is never achieved, but all in the criminal justice and legal systems must strive for it as much as possible.

Nevada Law Enforcement a Brief Pre-History

The state of Nevada was created from parts of three western territories in the U.S. The Nevada Territory was formed in 1861 and was admitted to the Union in 1864. Parts of two other territories eventually completed the modern boundaries. The eastern edge of the state was annexed from the western edge of the Utah Territory in 1866. Then the northwestern tip of the New Mexico Territory was annexed to form the area now surrounding Las Vegas in 1867.

The Arizona Territory balked at the move, but because it had supported the Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War, Congress ignored the pleas.

In the earliest days, the territory which became Nevada was fairly lawless.

As part of the old west, law enforcement in the Nevada Territory consisted mostly of U.S. Marshal’s. Gold discoveries in the region made it a favorite location of outlaw gangs.

For instance, the Daly Gang largely owned the city of Aurora from 1862-1864. Living in the Nevada Saloon, the gang of four terrorized the small western city until on February 5, 1864 the townsfolk had enough. They surrounded and captured the outlaws and built gallows just for them. That afternoon, the reign of terror by the Daly Gang ended with Jack “Three-Fingered” McDowell, John Daly, Jim Masterson, and William Buckley hanging by the neck.

Map of Nevada with Clark County highlighted in...
Map of Nevada with Clark County highlighted in red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, in the late 1880s, an organized crime group known as Sylvia’s White Caps or alternately the Forty Bandits and/or the Society of Bandits formed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The gang used intimidation and violence to steal land from settlers. In-fighting eventually led to the deaths and arrests of all the gang members by 1893.

However, the most famous outlaws to spend time in Nevada was the Wild Bunch, led by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Harry Longabaugh. These outlaws conducted train, bank, and stagecoach robberies throughout the territories and states of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado from 1896 to 1901. Leading into this period, the Pinkerton’s had begun to operate as crime fighters in the west. The Wild Bunch became one of their biggest enemies and after their last train robbery, the gang knew it had to disband. With the Pinkerton Agency in hot pursuit, Cassidy and the Kid fled to Argentina by 1902. Legends abound, but no clear understanding of what became of the two famous outlaws exists.

One Thing was Certain by that time, Nevada Needed Strong Law Enforcement to combat the lawless Wild West.

There are 6643 police officers in Nevada’s criminal justice system. The system is comprised of 12 state agencies, three city/county joint law enforcement agencies, 19 county organizations, 34 city/town police departments, and four campus units.

12 State Law Enforcement Agencies in Nevada

  1. Game Wardens
  2. Nevada Capital Police
  3. Nevada Department of Corrections
  4. Nevada Department of Public Safety
  5. Nevada Department of Wildlife
  6. Nevada Division of State Parks
  7. Nevada Gaming Control Board
  8. Nevada Highway Patrol
  9. Nevada Investigation Division
  10. Nevada Legislative Police
  11. Nevada Probation and Parole
  12. Nevada State Fire Marshal

19 County Agencies/Sheriff’s Departments in Nevada

  1. Carson City Sheriff’s Office

    Nevada Capitol Police
    Nevada Capitol Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  2. Churchill County Sheriff’s Office
  3. Clark County Constable
  4. Clark County Park Police
  5. Clark County Sheriff’s Department
  6. Douglas County Sheriff’s Department
  7. Elko County Sheriff’s Office
  8. Esmeralda County Sheriff’s Office
  9. Eureka County Sheriff’s Office
  10. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office
  11. Lander County Sheriff’s Office
  12. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
  13. Lyon County Sheriff’s Office
  14. Mineral County Sheriff’s Office
  15. Nye County Sheriff’s Office
  16. Pershing County Sheriff’s Office
  17. Storey County Sheriff’s Office
  18. Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
  19. White Pine Sheriff’s Department

3 Joint City/County/School District LawEnforcement Agencies in Nevada

  1. Clark County School District Police Department
  2. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  3. Washoe County School District Police Department

34 City/Township/Tribal Police Departments in Nevada

  1. Boulder City Police Department
  2. Boulder Township Constable
  3. Bunkerville Township Constable
  4. Carlin Police Department
  5. City of Las Vegas Court Marshals
  6. City of Las Vegas Deputy City Marshals
  7. Elko Police Department
  8. Ely Police Department
  9. Fallon Police Department
  10. Fernley Police Department

    Seal of Clark County, Nevada
    Seal of Clark County, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  11. Goodsprings Township Constable
  12. Henderson Police Department
  13. Henderson Township Constable
  14. Las Vegas Constable
  15. Laughlin Township Constable
  16. Lovelock Police Department
  17. Mesquite Constable
  18. Mesquite Police Department
  19. Mesquite Township Constable
  20. Moapa Township Constable
  21. Moapa Valley Township Constable
  22. North Las Vegas Constable
  23. North Las Vegas Police Department
  24. North Las Vegas Township Constable
  25. Paiute Tribal Police
  26. Pyramid Lake Tribal Police
  27. Reno Police Department
  28. Searchlight Township Constable
  29. Sparks Police Department
  30. Tonopah Police Department
  31. Wells Tribal Law Enforcement
  32. West Wendover Police Department
  33. Winnemucca Police Department
  34. Yerington Police Department

4 College/University Police Departments in Nevada

  1. College of Southern Nevada Police Department
  2. Truckee Meadows Community College Police Department
  3. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Police Services
  4. University of Nevada, Reno Police Department

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