Delaware Police List

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Delaware Law Enforcement Agencies

There are 2131 police officers in Delaware. These are divided among 11 state law enforcement agencies, 35 city police forces, and 14 others.

One of the smallest states by size and population, Delaware is by no means small by way of heart. The state is proud of its roots–it is the first state in the nation. The Delaware Colony became the state of Delaware on December 7, 1787.

For the most part, Delaware law enforcement rarely makes national news. This is very telling in 2016, when nearly every state is dealing with serious problems related to non-professionalism in the ranks. This could be attributed to the small size of the state.

But it could also be attributed to good leadership

Sure, Delaware has its share of illegal activities and it has pretty much the same kind of qualifications and training as most of its neighbors. Really, the only difference lay in attitudes and those who hold oversight of the forces in the state.

For instance, the Delaware Police Chief’s Council was formed in 1971. Since that time, the organization has closely adhered to the values and guidelines of the International Association of Police Chiefs. Both organizations strongly

“encourage adherence of all police officers to high professional standards of performance and conduct.”

Another part of the success enjoyed by Delaware Law Enforcement could be the attitude of the state leadership towards citizen involvement. For instance, on the regulatory website for the state, there is a clear link to “Citizen Participation.” Delaware is one of the few states to take this approach. It is an approach which was advised nearly two centruies ago by the father of modern police, Sir Robert Peel.

Peel believed,

“The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police existence, actions, behavior and the ability of the police to secure and maintain public respect.” – 2nd Principle of Sir Robert Peel

To be sure, the approval of the public is vital to effective policing. Delaware appears to be holding firm to this and it shows.

Following are the lists of law enforcement agencies in the state of Delaware.

11 State Law Enforcement Agencies in Delaware

  1. Air and Waste Protection Officers
  2. Delaware Capitol Police
  3. Delaware Department of Correction
  4. Delaware Department of Justice
  5. Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
  6. Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement
  7. Delaware State Police
  8. Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Agents
  9. Special Investigators
  10. State Detectives
  11. State Park Rangers

1 County Police Department in Delaware

35 City Police Departments in Delaware

  1. Bethany Beach Police Department
  2. Blades Police Department
  3. Bridgeville Police Department
  4. Camden Police Department
  5. Cheswold Police Department
  6. Clayton Police Department
  7. Dagsboro Police Department
  8. Delaware City Police Department
  9. Delmar Police Department
  10. Dewey Beach Police Department
  11. Dover Police Department

    Seal of the state of Delaware. This seal appears on some police uniforms and buildings.
    Seal of the state of Delaware. This seal appears on some police uniforms and buildings.
  12. Ellendale Police Department
  13. Elsmere Police Department
  14. Felton Police Department
  15. Fenwick Island Police Department
  16. Georgetown Police Department
  17. Greenwood Police Department
  18. Harrington Police Department
  19. Laurel Police Department
  20. Lewes Police Department
  21. Middletown Police Department
  22. Milford Police Department
  23. Millsboro Police Department
  24. Milton Police Department
  25. New Castle City Police Department
  26. Newark Police Department
  27. Newport Police Department
  28. Ocean View Police Department
  29. Rehoboth Beach Police Department
  30. Seaford Police Department
  31. Selbyville Police Department
  32. Smyrna Police Department
  33. South Bethany Police Department
  34. Wilmington Police Department
  35. Wyoming Police Department

4 College/University Police Departments in Delaware

  1. Delaware Technical Community College Public Safety Department
  2. University of Delaware Department of Public Safety
  3. University of Delaware Police Department
  4. Wilmington University Public Safety & Constables

9 Other Law Enforcement Agencies in Delaware

  1. Bayhealth Medical Center Constable
  2. Christiana Care Health System Constable
  3. Delaware River and Bay Authority Police
  4. Delaware SPCA Law Enforcement
  5. Dover Air Force Base Military Police Force
  6. Justice of the Peace Constables
  7. Port of Wilmington Harbor Police Department
  8. Tower Hill School Constable
  9. United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police

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