Alaska Police List

No state law enforcement agency has more ground to cover than Alaska.

Alaska Law Enforcement Agencies List

As the largest state in the nation by landmass, Alaska is also the northernmost state in the nation. It covers 663,268 square miles and with a population of only 735,132, it ranks 47th. The state capital is in Juneau with the largest city being Anchorage.

English: Image of an Alaska State Trooper patc...
English: Image of an Alaska State Trooper patch, Made with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alaska has 1298 police officers, spread among 65 criminal justice agencies.

Police agencies in Alaska are governed by the Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC). This governing body, established by the Department of Public Safety,

  • develops training programs as needed for police agencies statewide
  • provides financial assistance to police academy programs
  • develops and funds specialized training
  • controls certification of all law enforcement in the state including correctional officers, probation/parole officers, and all police
  • conducts psychological testing and standards for testing of all new applicants
  • oversees polygraph testing of all applicants
  • makes decisions in cases of police misconduct, and
  • if found guilty of said misconduct, the APSC can revoke the certification of the officer

The Alaska Police Standards Council is governed by the Alaska Administrative Code, Title 13, Chapters 85 and 87.

Anyone interested in working for a law enforcement agency in the state of Alaska may find job vacancies here.

As the following list will show, law enforcement in Alaska is much simpler than in many states. Naturally, this is largely because of the relatively low population. The ratio of police to population in Alaska is 1:566.35.

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12 State Law Enforcement Agencies in Alaska

  1. Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
  2. Alaska Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  3. Alaska Department of Corrections
  4. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
  5. Alaska Department of Public Safety
  6. Alaska State Crime Lab
  7. Alaska State Fire Marshal’s Office
  8. Alaska State Park Rangers
  9. Alaska State Parks
  10. Alaska State Troopers
  11. Village Public Safety Officer Program
  12. Wildlife Enforcement Troopers


49 City & Borough Police Departments in Alaska

  1. Adak Police Department
  2. Anchorage Police Department
  3. Angoon Public Safety Department
  4. Bethel Police Department
  5. Bristol Bay Borough Police Department
  6. Chignik Bay Department of Public Safety
  7. Cordova Police Department
  8. Craig Police Department

    Anchorage Police Department
    Anchorage Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  9. Dillingham Police Department
  10. Fairbanks Police Department
  11. Fort Yukon Police Department
  12. Galena Police Department
  13. Haines Police Department
  14. Homer Police Department
  15. Hoonah Police Department
  16. Hooper Bay Police Department
  17. Houston Police Department
  18. Juneau Police Department
  19. Kake Police Department
  20. Kenai Police Department
  21. Ketchikan Police Department
  22. King Cove Police Department
  23. Klawock Police Department
  24. Kodiak Police Department
  25. Kotzebue Police Department
  26. Nenana Police Department
  27. Nome Police Department
  28. North Pole Police Department
  29. North Slope Borough Police Department
  30. Palmer Police Department
  31. Petersburg Police Department
  32. Pilot Station Police Department
  33. Port Lions Department of Public Safety
  34. Saint Paul Department of Public Safety
  35. Sand Point Department of Public Safety
  36. Seldovia Police Department
  37. Seward Police Department
  38. Sitka Police Department
  39. Skagway Police Department
  40. Soldotna Police Department
  41. Tanana Department of Public Safety
  42. Togiak Police Department
  43. Unalakleet Department of Public Safety
  44. Unalaska Department of Public Safety
  45. Valdez Police Department
  46. Wasilla Police Department
  47. Whittier Police Department
  48. Wrangell Police Department
  49. Yakutat Police Department


4 Other Law Enforcement Agencies in Alaska

  1. Fairbanks International Airport Police and Fire Department
  2. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Police and Fire Department
  3. University of Alaska Anchorage Police Department
  4. University of Alaska Fairbanks Police Department

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