Do You Know a Police Department in Need of Better Web Exposure?

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This is a call to readers and followers of who want to help their local police department better serve their community. As some of you may know, we have listings of every (or nearly every) police agency in America and our goal is to eventually expand to include law enforcement organizations worldwide.

But, one thing at a time.

In an effort to build the largest resource of law, justice, and crime-related information for criminal justice students in the world, we are ready to begin adding pages for each police department. To this end, we are seeking the help of any interested in building out these pages.

What’s In It for Your Local Police Department? 

Anyone who believes in law and order will want to participate in some way with this project. Most police departments have a website which serves several purposes. Some of these include enhancing community relations and recruiting. Having a page on Criminal Justice Law will help local departments achieve both of these purposes.

Most law enforcement organizations know that the best recruits are those which have been to university and completed a degree related to the field. Such people are more professional and better serve the mission of the agency. Professional law enforcement personnel are better equipped to serve the public and maintain order without overstepping their position.

This provides the communities served with a police force that is at once helpful but also determined to protect. This is why so many law enforcement agencies today seek degreed professionals for their departments.

Did you know?

  • Degreed professionals are offered higher starting rank and wages in many City Police Departments?
  • Most State Police require applicants to have at least a four-year degree?
  • Those with degrees advance in the ranks quicker?
  • Police officers with college degrees stay on the job longer and receive fewer disciplinary reviews?

Because most police departments know these facts, many are active in seeking degreed professionals for their agency. But this can be a challenge, especially with so many forces scattered throughout the nation and on the Internet.

To help, the police agency listings here will allow students of criminal justice who frequent this site to locate all hiring agencies in a single location. They can check the cities and forces of interest, learn more about the agencies more quickly, and better decide which they would like to pursue a career with.

Please Help…Here is How

If you want to write the page for your local police department, we would be happy to have your help. But we know that most reader will not want to do this themselves, so one great way to help is to pass this information on to a police officer you know, perhaps call your local department and inform them of this opportunity for added Internet exposure, or even let a criminal justice educator know about this.

All it takes is a minute to let someone know and it will mean a lot to students who visit this website.

To learn more, visit the page Help Wanted Building Police Department Pages.

Thank you for your help.

C J Oakes,

President, Publisher at Oakes Media Group
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As an author, he has numerous books to his credit including the best-selling Survive and Thrive After the Collapse of the Dollar series. In addition, he has written over a hundred books for clients since 2011 and has created innumerable web pages for law firms and others worldwide.

Passionate about Justice, Mr. Oakes believes that the scales of justice are never balanced, but it is the duty of each citizen to do their part to re-calibrate the scales as needed. When the scales of justice shift too far to one side, they must be returned a near as possible to center.

He built this site with the goal of helping students of criminal justice understand how to apply the principles needed for re-calibrating the scales as well as providing easy access to needed study resources.

Criminal Justice Law International welcomes guest posts and anyone interested in contributing to the goals of the site.

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