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We have CSI, Law and Order, and justice-related videos, books, and more. (Yep, Scroll Down to find plenty of great stuff.)

Welcome to the Criminal Justice Law Store.

We added this store to for a couple of reasons.

First, it helps support this organization so that we can continue to add great content for law and criminal justice students everywhere. Second, it lets us add the really cool things we find here so that our readers can shop for things they like easier.

This is an Amazon store. The prices are the same as if you shopped at Amazon directly. The only difference is that we get a small cut from purchases for “advertising.” The best part is that our readers can shop in security. We like that.

So please, take a look at the selection. It is not huge, but it is growing. As we find cool criminal justice and law-related items to add, we will.

Thank you.

Some of the really cool things you will find in the Criminal Justice and Law Store

We are constantly adding to the Criminal Justice Law Store. Currently, we offer a variety of criminal justice and law-related items ranging from serious to silly. We wanted to provide a little something for everyone, whether looking for police and riot gear for work or some kind of gag gift for someone you love–and everything in between. Following is a rundown of the kinds of gifts, gags, games, and gear you will find in the Criminal Justice Law Store.


In the video section of our store, we stive to provide a good mix of entertaining videos and educational. The videos are currently broken into three sections. We hope that by breaking them down as we have, we make it easy for our readers to browse the selections. Generally, the three sections of videos on are:

  1. Police Related
  2. Crime
  3. Justice and Law


Apparel for law enforcement and others can be found in the apparel section of our store. Generally, apparel is divided as…

  1. Clothing – Serious clothing such as hats, t-shirts, and police gear is found in this section. There are also fun clothing items for children, Holiday wear, and items for the more amorous at heart.
  2. Footwear – As the title suggests, we have found many of the best boots and shoes for law enforcement available. Whether you prefer Under Armour or Magnum, Sketchers or Blackhawk, we have many of these great brands and more. We even have Funtasma footwear to go with the sexy ladies cop nighty from the clothing section.
  3. Accessories – Everything from sunglasses by Rayban, DG, Gosen, and Aviator to patches, decals, and more can be found in the accessories section of the Criminal Justice Law store.


In the automotive section of the store can be found everything from police lights to cool police license plates. We also have bumper stickers, decals, CB, and Hand-held radios. There are even radar detectors and jammers.


Most of the citizens band radios, radar detectors, and related electronics are found in this section. The Electronics section of the store is broken into three sections:

  1. Games – Everything from the latest PC games to Wii games and even complete gaming systems. Of course, all the games are in some way related to law enforcement or crime (such as Grand Theft Auto, Batman, and CSI).
  2. Cameras & Optics – Camerals and optical accessories are a large part of law enforcement today. For this reason, the Criminal Justice Law store would not be complete without an excellent selection of video-related items. Alot of fun stuff in here, so be careful. You may never leave.
  3. Radar & Laser Detectors – Of course, nothing can be finer than playing cat and mouse with law enforcement using the latest radar or laser detectors. Some police officers do not like these units, but others do. In any case, whereas these handy units play to the other side of the criminal justice equation, they are a must for any such store.

Books & Magazines

Books and magazines belong in the tool kit of any professional in criminal justice and/or law/enforcement. This is because today, there are so many issues facing professionals in the field or the office that keeping up can be a challenge. In this section, we provide some of our picks. For instance, one book which is often quoted on this website is The Police in America: An Introduction by Samuel Walker. This is one of the finest introductory books for learning about well, police in America. Here is what can be found in this section of the store.

  1. True Crime – Ever since Truman Capote wrote his famed True Crime story of two lovers on a crime spree, America has been in love with reading stories of real crime. In this section, we offer up some of the best True Crime books and magazines to be found.
  2. Fiction – Of course, nothing takes the place of a good detective novel. Whether you prefer John Grisham, James Patterson, or any other, you are sure to find a novel which is novel to you.
  3. Educational – The mission of is to help students and professionals in the field become better educated about issues and problems. To this end, we provide educational products here.
  4. Magazines – Magazines are a great way to digest small, concise bites of vital information for those in the field.

Personal Protection

Ok, now for the really cool stuff. With the possiblity of crime affecting anyone at any time, everyone needs some kind of personal protection. Thus, we include these items for those in law enforcement or otherwise. These are divided according to the general type of personal protection offered.

  1. Knives
  2. Tasers
  3. Chemicals

Home and Garden


  1. Mugs and Decor
  2. Office Products
  3. Miscellaneous



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