Showcase: Criminals with a Name

black Image of scales on white background with the words, "calibrate the scales" overlaid. As with any set of scales, the scales of justice must, from time to time, be recalibrated. Total balance is never achieved, but all in the criminal justice and legal systems must strive for it as much as possible.

This section of pages is set aside to showcase the most infamous criminals in U.S. and World History, Criminals who have made a name for themselves. Throughout the ages, there have been some so blatant in their disregard for the law, so bold in their approach, or so seemingly insane in their criminal behavior that they have garnered fame…as in a Name.

By C J Oakes

“Showcase: Criminals with a Name” may seem an odd way to title this section, so an explanation may be in order for some. In writing the opening paragraph there was a tendency to say that these pages have been “dedicated” to infamous criminals or that we have “devoted” these pages to their memory, but both of these phrases do not play. No criminal, especially those most notorious deserves special treatment. None deserves to be memorialized or treated with any form of ‘devotion.’ We felt that ‘showcase’ made sense.

Criminals with a Name Showcased

A showcase is a display box. It is a place for oddities, for things to be viewed in a museum, for that which should be on display regardless of judgment. Calling this a showcase of criminals who have made a unique name for themselves in the world seemed fitting. These pages will highlight the criminal lives of those who have perplexed Law Enforcement, performed heinous acts on society, and generally ignored the law to their personal gain. Each criminal will be examined as if an oddity in a museum, not some hero to be emulated.

Indeed, most often when these men and women are written about in print or film, their lives are romanticized, as if they were combatants against terrible government entities bent on making them suffer for being different. They are not. They are criminals. Period. They should be treated as such.

This is not to say that each criminal showcased here did not have valid motives for their crimes. They did. But those motives must be understood in the context of the harm they brought to others. Hollywood movies tend to allow us to miss the fact that when a criminal destroys a city block in a spectacular explosion, some child in a corner apartment was separated from his limbs. We tend to ignore that the criminal speeding through a city in a tank rolling over cars and street signs is also rolling over people.

The point is, criminals are criminals. We will examine the most notorious criminals in history in a way never before, but we will neither excuse nor celebrate their behavior.

Infamous Criminals On Display…Examined Like Bugs (even Bugsy)

If you have not already done so, it is recommended you begin reading the section of this website on Human Behavior. In those pages, an understanding of human (and criminal) behavior is discussed which will play to the examination of criminals in this section of the site.

Rather than simply regurgitating a history of various criminals who have made a notorious name for themselves, we are going to examine them as we would bugs on display.

We are going to dissect their lives. We are going to dig into their psyche as best we can to examine why they chose the criminal lifestyle, why they committed the criminal acts they did, and why they sometimes eluded law enforcement sometimes for decades. The idea is to present these notorious individuals in a way that is part history, part commentary.

Such an examination, it is hoped, will benefit all who must deal with the criminally-minded:

  • Students of criminology can look at criminals in a new light.
  • Students of law enforcement may discover ways to circumvent criminal acts.
  • Students of criminal justice, in general, will see criminals for exactly what they are: Social villains.
  • Writers of crime dramas may alter their rosy depictions of the most heinous among us.
  • Students of Psychology may find better ways to reach those in early stages of a criminal lifestyle.
  • Students of Sociology may find ways to better devise programs to prevent the criminal behavior from forming in entire neighborhoods.
  • Students of Law, Government, and Political Science may determine how to best draft laws which prevent the criminal behavior from becoming a threat to social order.
  • Law Enforcement worldwide may find ways to better counter criminals now being sought.

More importantly, it is hoped that such an examination of notorious criminals may lead to

  • improved social programs,
  • enhanced ability of law enforcement to keep society safe,
  • sounder legal structures for preventing crime and convicting criminals, and
  • better criminal justice organizations around the world.

Criminals with a Name to be Showcased

Following is a partial list of the criminals we will be showcasing and examining in-depth in these pages. This list is certain to grow over time, but this is a good start. Most of these are crime bosses, heads of organized crime groups. Some are serial killers. Some terrorists. Others are criminals who, for one reason or another managed to become infamous.

A Note About This List of Famous Criminals

This list does not include Wild West (America) Gangs and criminals from that era in part because during that time the line between lawman and criminal was blurred and in part because we have plans for an entire section of this site devoted to this period in American History. Nor does this list include war criminals because such “crimes” are often obscured by the simple fact of victory vs. defeat. This too requires a separate study and place on this website.

Nor does this list include war criminals because such “crimes” are often obscured by the simple fact of victory vs. defeat. This too requires a separate study and place on this website.

For the most part, this list includes “modern” criminals, that is, individuals from the 19th Centuries through today. The reason is because more is known about these persons and the rule of law was such that they may be properly termed ‘criminal.’ There are some exceptions such as Pirates, Mutineers, and others known to have committed notorious crimes, but generally, most lived sometime during the last two centuries.

Finally, this list is as comprehensive as we could make it, including virtually every kind of crime in nearly every nation-the only requirement for making this list is a degree of notoriety for the crime committed. It is alphabetized and includes serial killers, forgers, rapists, inside traders, computer criminals, mobsters, gang members, members of drug cartels, smugglers, and more. If a person made a name for him or herself with their chosen crime, they made this list (or will, as it expands).

A – G G – M M – Z
A. Alfred Taubman Gianni Nicchi Miguel Villarreal
Aagt Jafies Gilbert Paul Jordan Miisa
Aaron Rubashkin Gilberto Chamba Mike Gogulski
Abbas Gokal Gilberto Molina Mike Hoare
Abdelhamid Abou Zeid Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela Milton Johnson
Abdelkader Belliraj Giovanni Bastianini Minna Craucher
Abdi Garad Giovanni Brusca Minnie Dean
Abdul Abdullah Yahia Giovanni Motisi Miyuki Ishikawa
Abdul Latif Giuseppa Vitale Mo Kuan-fu
Abdul Latif Sharif Giuseppe Calderone Moe Dalitz
Abdulla al-Hadj Giuseppe Calò Mohamed Abdi Hassan
Abdullah Shah Giuseppe Di Cristina Mohammad Munaf
Abduwali Muse Giuseppe Falsone Mohammed Bijeh
Abigael González Valencia Giuseppe Farinella Mohan Kumar
Abner “Longy” Zwillman Giuseppe Genco Russo Mokhtar Belmokhtar
Abraão José Bueno Giuseppe Giacomo Gambino Monroe Edwards
Abraham Samuel Giuseppe Graviano Monte Ralph Rissell
Abraham Yachini Giuseppe Lucchese Monticello
Abrahan Alfonso Gavilán Giuseppe Masseria Morris Glasgow
Absalom Greeley Giuseppe Morello Morris Solomon, Jr.
Abshir Boyah Giuseppe Setola Moses Sithole
Abu Quassey Glen Edward Rogers Moshe Katsav
Adam C. Hochfelder Gong Runbo Motta Navas
Adán Amezcua Contreras Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza Muhammad Zaidan
Adémar de Chabannes Gordon B. Hanlon Muhammed Tokcan
Adnan Çolak Gordon Stewart Northcott Muircheartach Óg Ó Súilleabháin
Adolf Ludvig Stierneld Graham Young Munawar Harun Surender Koli
Adolfo Constanzo Gregorio Sauceda-Gamboa Murtaza Bhutto
Adolfo Kaminsky Gregory Brazel Mušan Topalović
Adrián Gómez González Gregory Reyes Mustafa Al-Bassam
Adrian Lamo Griselda Blanco Myra Hindley
Ahmad Suradji Griselda Blanco Nahum Manbar
Aileen Wuornos Gus Alex Nakoula Basseley Nakoula
Aino Nykopp-Koski Gustav Skytte Năm Cam
Akira Nishiguchi Gustavo Gaviria Nannie Doss
Akku Yadav Gustavo Romero Tercero Natale “Joe Diamond” Evola
Al Capone Guy Fisher Nathaniel Gordon
Al Swearengen Guy Georges Nathaniel North
Aladino Fratianno Guy Hain Nathaniel White
Alan Ralsky Gwendolyn Graham Natwarlal
Albert Anastasia H. H. Holmes Nazario Moreno González
Albert Fish Haji Mastan Ned Warren Sr.
Albert Gonzalez Hamida Djandoubi Ned Young
Albert Tocco Hamza akl Hamieh Nelson Comandari
Albert W. Hicks Han van Meegeren Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes
Alberto Espinoza Barrón Hank Greenspun Neville Heath
Alceo Dossena Hans Wilhelm Bassenauer Ng Akew
Aldington Gang Harold Shipman Nicholas Civella
Alejandro Máynez Harpe brothers Nicholas Lungisa Ncama
Aleksandr Rubel Harry Ford Sinclair Nicholas Morello
Aleksey Sukletin Harry Powers Nick Licata
Alex “Shondor” Birns Harvey Carignan Nicodemo Scarfo
Alexander Bychkov Harvey Glatman Nicola Rizzuto
Alexander Guterma Harvey Miguel Robinson Nicolai Bonner
Alexander Howland Smith Hassan Nemazee Nicolas Jacobsen
Alexander Pichushkin Hazel Crane Nikita Lytkin
Alexander Spesivtsev Héctor Beltrán Leyva Nikola Kavaja
Alexander Tchayka Héctor David Delgado Santiago Nikolai Dzhumagaliev
Alexandre Du Mège Héctor Luis Palma Salazar Noé Ramírez Mandujano
Alexis Flores Héctor Manuel Sauceda Gamboa Norbert Poehlke
Alfonso Caruana Hector Monsegur Norman Afzal Simons
Alfonso Portillo Heinrich Pommerenke Norman Hsu
Alfred “The Owl” Polizzi Hélène Jégado Olaf Däter
Alfred Mineo Hélmer Herrera Oleg Khinsagov
Alfredo Beltrán Leyva Hemant Lakhani Olivier Levasseur
Alfredo Fioravanti Hennig Wichmann Ollie Quinn
Algoth Niska Henri Caesar Omar Rezaq
Ali Asghar Borujerdi Henri Déricourt Omid Tahvili
Ali Kaya Henri Désiré Landru Ondrej Rigo
Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov Henrietta Moraes Orville Lynn Majors
Allan Legere Henrique Galvão Osamu Maruoka
Allen Stanford Henry Every Óscar Malherbe de León
Altemio Sanchez Henry Jennings Oscar Wyatt
Alton Coleman Henry Lee Lucas Osiel Cárdenas Guillén
Alvin Henry Henry Loaiza-Ceballos Osmany Uriarte
Amado Carrillo Fuentes Henry Louis Wallace Ottis Toole
Amelia Dyer Henry S. Ives Otto Wacker
Amir Qayyum Henry W. Howgate Owney “The Killer” Madden
Amy Archer-Gilligan Henry Woodhouse Özgür Dengiz
Anatoly Biryukov Herb Baumeister Pablo Escobar
Anatoly Onoprienko Herbert Mullin Pappu Kalani
Anatoly Slivko Heriberto Seda Pasquale Condello
Anatoly Utkin Hermann Duft Patrick Argüello
Anders Hansson Herostratus Patrick Critton
András Pándy Hezekiah Frith Patrick Kearney
Andre Crawford Hippolyte Bouchard Patrick Mackay
Andrea Manciaracina Hiroaki Hidaka Patsy Conroy
Andrea Morisco Hiroshi Maeue Paul Bernardo
Andrei Chikatilo Hissène Habré Paul Carbone
Andrew Kehoe Homero Cárdenas Guillén Paul Castellano
Andrew Wiederhorn Howard Arthur Allen Paul del Rio
Andrzej Kunowski Howell Davis Paul Dennis Reid
Andrzej Nowocień Howie Winter Paul Denyer
Ángel Maturino Reséndiz Huang Yong Paul Durousseau
Angelo Bruno Hubert Pilčík Paul Ferris
Angelo Buono Jr. Hugo Baldomero Medina Garza Paul Greenwood
Angelo Genna Ian Brady Paul John Knowles
Angelo La Barbera Ignacio Coronel Villarreal Paul Michael Stephani
Angelo Meli Ignazio Lupo Paul Mondoloni
Angelo Mozilo Ilombe Mboyo Paul Ogorzow
Angus Sinclair Inés Coronel Barreras Paul Ricca
Anil Kumar Ingela Gathenhielm Paul Ricca
Anísio Ferreira de Sousa Ioannis Varvakis Paul Sciacca
Anna Maria Zwanziger Iolo Morganwg Paul Steven Haigh
Anna Marie Hahn Ion Rîmaru Pavel Vrublevsky
Anna Villeda Irene Leidolf Pearlasia Gamboa
Anne Bonny Irina Gaidamachuk Pedro Avilés Pérez
Anne Dieu-le-Veut Isabel Pantoja Pedro Gilbert
Annio da Viterbo Islam Akhun Pedro López
Anthony Allen Shore Ismael Zambada García Pedro Pablo Nakada Ludeña
Anthony Antico Israel Hands Pedro Rodrigues Filho
Anthony Casso Israel Keyes Peter Alston
Anthony Civella Ivan Boesky Peter Bryan
Anthony Corallo Ivan Milat Peter Chong
Anthony Gizzo Izzy Lang Peter Dupas
Anthony Hardy J. M. Chapman Peter F. Paul
Anthony Kirkland Jack Abbott Peter Francis-Macrae
Anthony Palumbo Jack Carlton Reed Peter Gotti
Anthony Ray Briley Jack Diamond Peter Heywood
Anthony Salerno Jack Dragna Peter Kudzinowski
Anthony Sowell Jack Mogale Peter Kürten
Anthony Spilotro Jack Owen Spillman Peter Love
Antonio Cárdenas Guillén Jack Unterweger Peter Lundin
Antonio Cottone Jackie Cerone Peter Manuel
Antonio Geraci Jacky Imbert Peter Milano
Antonio Lombardo Jacque Alexander Tardy Peter Moore
António Luís Costa Jacque Alexander Tardy Peter Stumpp
Antonio Murray Jacques Colaert Peter Sutcliffe
Antonio Oseguera Cervantes Jacques van Meegeren Peter Tobin
Antonio Rotolo Jake Bird Peter Woodcock
Antonio Salamone James A. Talbot Petr Zelenka
Antonis Daglis James Alderman Pétroleuses
Archibald Hall James Bulger Phanor Arizabaleta-Arzayus
Arnfinn Nesset James Colosimo Phil Gawne
Arnold Rothstein James Dale Ritchie Philip Bloom
Arnold Sodeman James Dyral Briley, Jr. Philip Herbert
Arnoldo Rueda Medina James Earl Ray Philip Lombardo
Arthur Gary Bishop James Ford Philip Rastelli
Arthur Nadel James Gowda Philip Testa
Arthur Omre James Ibori Phillip Carl Jablonski
Arthur Shawcross James Kelly Phillip E. Hill, Sr.
Arturo Beltrán Leyva James Kirker Pier Paolo Brega Massone
Arturo Durazo Moreno James M. Davis Pierre Chanal
Arturo Guzmán Decena James Marcello Pierre Lafitte
Artyom Anoufriev James Marcello Pietro Aglieri
Asau Tran James Matheson Piligrim
Auguste Ricord James McCann Pincus Green
Aurelio Cano Flores James McDermott Piper Kerman
Auto Shankar James McLean Pontus Hultén
Avraham Hirschson James Miller Popcorn Sutton
AZF James Morrison Przybysław Dyjamentowski
Badea Cârțan James Orrock Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals
Bandali Debs James Paul Lewis, Jr. R. Foster Winans
Barry Seal James Reavis Rachel Wall
Bartholomew Roberts James Scott Cooper Radovan Karadžić
Bascom Giles James Swann Raed al Atar
Beasts of Satan James T. Licavoli Rafael Cárdenas Vela
Béla Kiss James Townsend Saward Rafael Caro Quintero
Belle Gunness James Vlassakis Rafael Cedeño Hernández
Belle Starr Jan Mendoses Rafael Pérez
Ben Pease Jan Zumbach Raffaele Ganci
Benedetto Santapaola Jane Toppan Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalahimah
Benedetto Spera Janie Lou Gibbs Raïs Hamidou
Benedict Levita Jasim bin Jabir Raj Rajaratnam
Benito de Soto Javed Iqbal Rajat Gupta
Benjamín Arellano Félix Javier Barba-Hernández Rajendra Jakkal
Benjamin Atkins Javier Torres Félix Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour
Benjamin Hornigold Jay Cohen Raman Raghav
Benjamin Siegel Jean Abraham Grill Ramiz Delalić
Bernard Ebbers Jean LaBanta Ramón Arellano Félix
Bernard Madoff Jean Lafitte Ramon Torres Mendez
Bernardo Provenzano Jean-Baptiste du Casse Randall Woodfield
Bertha Gifford Jeanne Weber Randolph McCoy
Beverley Allitt Jean-Pierre Schecroun Randy Steven Kraft
Bholanath Pandey Jeanson James Ancheta Raphael Gray
Bileh Jef Van der Veken Raúl Osiel Marroquín
Bill Johnston Jeff Fort Ray and Faye Copeland
Bill Keller Jefferson R. Smith Raya and Sakina
Bill Landreth Jeffrey Dahmer Rayful Edmond
Billie Sol Estes Jeffrey Grayson Raymond Fernandez
Billy Glaze Jeffrey Skilling Raymond L.S. Patriarca
Billy Gohl Jerome Heckenkamp Raymond Morris
Black Caesar Jerry Brudos Raymond Patriarca, Jr.
Black Jack Anderson Jerry Rushing Red Dillard Morrison
Blackbeard Jesse Pomeroy Reggie Kray
Blaise Diesbourg Jesús Amezcua Contreras Renato Beluche
Blondy Wallace Jim McDougal Rene Rivkin
Bobbie Joe Long Jimmy Coonan Rescates
Bobby Jack Fowler Jimmy Maketta Rhonda Belle Martin
Boris Dekanidze Joachim Knychała Ricardo Calvo
Boris Gusakov Joachim Kroll Ricardo Caputo
Bosko Radonjich Joanna Dennehy Richard Allen Davis
Bradley Willman Joaquín Argamasilla Richard Angelo
Brett Kimberlin Joaquín Guzmán Richard Annesley
Brett Shannon Johnson Joaquín Guzmán Richard Avery Hornsby
Brian Dugan Joe Adonis Richard Biegenwald
Brian Keith Jones Joe Aiello Richard Cain
Brian Kim Joe Ball Richard Chase
Brian Young Joe Colombo Richard Cottingham
Briley Brothers Joe Gallo Richard Evonitz
Brita Tott Joe Morgan Richard Kuklinski
Browne Bushell Joe Profaci Richard Laurence Marquette
Bugs Moran Joel Kline Richard McCoy Jr.
Bully Hayes Joel N. Ward Richard of Pudlicott
Bumpy Johnson Joel Rifkin Richard Pigott
Byrraju Ramalinga Raju Johann Otto Hoch Richard Ramirez
C. Arnholdt Smith Johanna Hård Richard Whitney
Cabeza de Perro Johannes Mashiane Richard Worley
Cai Qian Johannes S. Andersen Ripper Jayanandan
Calcedonio Di Pisa John Adams Robert Ben Rhoades
Calico Jack John Allen Muhammad Robert Berdella
Calogero Vizzini John Ashley Robert Black
Cameron Lacroix John Baptist Collins Robert Citron
Campuzano Polanco family John Barbato Robert E. Brennan
Carl Civella John Bunting Robert F. Williams
Carl Großmann John Childs Robert Francis Burns
Carl Isett John Christie Robert George Clements
Carl Panzram John Cooper Robert Hansen
Carlo Gambino John Coxon Robert Joseph Silveria Jr.
Carlos Arellano Félix John D’Amato Robert Lee Yates
Carlos Beltrán Leyva John DiFronzo Robert Martin Gumbura
Carlos Lehder John Duffy Robert Maudsley
Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramírez John Edward Robinson Robert Napper
Carlos Marcello John Fenn Robert Nixon
Carlos Rosales Mendoza John Floyd Thomas, Jr. Robert Pickton
Carlos Topp John Franzese Robert Rozier
Carlton Gary John George Haigh Robert Shulman
Carmine Persico John Gilligan Robert Soloway
Carmine Tramunti John Gotti Robert Spring
Carmine Galante John Gow Robert Stein, Jr.
Carol M. Bundy John Halsey Robert Surcouf
Caroline Grills John Hatfield Robert Tappan Morris
Carroll Cole John Ingvar Lövgren Robert Trimbole
Cary Stayner John Joubert Robert Wagner
Catharina de Chasseur John Julian Robert Young
Catherine Birnie John King Robert Zarinsky
Catherine Flannigan John Lazia Roberto Cofresí
Catherine Wilson John Lynch Roberto Suárez Goméz
Cathy Wood John Makin Roberto Succo
Cave-In-Rock, Illinois John Martel Robin Ligus
Cayetano Santos Godino John Martin Crawford Robledo Puch
Cedric Maake John McNamara Rocco Perri
Cesare Manzella John Morrissey Rodney Alcala
Chad Davis John Norman Collins Roger Angleton
Chael Sonnen John Olson Roger Kibbe
Charlene Gallego John Ordronaux Roger Rogerson
Charles Albright John Payne Collier Rolando Cepeda
Charles Bellamy John Peter Galanis Roman Zolotarev
Charles Bertram John Quelch Romulus Vereş
Charles Binaggio John Rigas Ron Rewald
Charles Birger John Roselli Ronald Dominique
Charles Brickley John Ruffo Ronald Finney
Charles Carrollo John Sciandra Ronnie Kray
Charles Cullen John Smith Rory Enrique Conde
Charles Dawson John Stanfa Rosario DeSimone
Charles F. Mitchell John Straffen Rosario Riccobono
Charles Gibbs John T. David Rose Dugdale
Charles Harris John T. Scalish Rose Maceo
Charles Keating John Tronolone Rosemary West
Charles Kushner John Wayne Gacy Ross Prio
Charles Luciano John Wayne Glover Ross Ulbricht
Charles Manson John Whelan Roy Hall
Charles Ng John Willis Roy Norris
Charles Quansah John Zuccarini Roy Olmstead
Charles Ray Hatcher Johnny Dio Ruben Castro
Charles Schmid Johnny Jack Nounes Rubén Oseguera González
Charles Sobhraj Johnny Paycheck Rudolf Pleil
Charles Taylor Johnny Ramensky Rudolfo Infante
Charles Vane Johnny Torrio Rune Brynhildsen
Charles Weisberg Joji Obara Russell Bufalino
Charley Jordan Jon Roberts Russell King
Charlotte Badger Jonathan James Ryan Ackroyd
Chemetco Jonathan Tokeley-Parry Ryan Cleary
Chen “King Duck” Chi-li Jorge Alberto Rodríguez Saeed Hanae
Chen Tien-pao Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez Saif Durbar
Cheng Chi Jorge Luis Ochoa Vásquez Salvador Pirates
Cheng I Jorge Sagredo Salvatore Catalanotte
Chester Turner Jørgen Jørgensen Salvatore D’Aquila
Cheung Po Tsai José Abello Silva Salvatore Giuliano
Chhota Rajan José Antonio Rodriguez Vega Salvatore Greco
Chijon family José de Jesús Méndez Vargas Salvatore Greco
Ching Shih José Gaspar Salvatore Inzerillo
Chris Lamprecht José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha Salvatore La Barbera
Chris Pile José Hawilla Salvatore Lo Piccolo
Christian Goller José Luis Calva Salvatore Maranzano
Christine Malèvre José Marc Flores Pereira Salvatore Riina
Christman Genipperteinga Jose Miguel Battle, Sr. Salvatore Sabella
Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode José Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa Salvatore Vitale
Christopher Moody José Santacruz Londoño Sam Giancana
Christopher Peterson Josef Schleich Sam Gilbert
Christopher Wilder Joseph Adams Sam Maceo
Christopher William Smith Joseph Aiuppa Samuel Bellamy
Christopher Worrell Joseph Ardizzone Samuel Burgess
Chuck Blazer Joseph Baker Samuel Byck
Chui A-poo Joseph Barbara Samuel Carlisi
Ciro Terranova Joseph Bonanno Samuel Cohen
Clarence Hatry Joseph Broussard Samuel D. Waksal
Claude Eatherly Joseph Christopher Samuel Flores Borrego
Claude Lastennet Joseph Civello Samuel Green
Claudia Ochoa Félix Joseph Cosey Samuel Hall Lord
Cleophus Prince Jr. Joseph E. Duncan III Samuel Israel III
Clifford Irving Joseph Ferriola Sámuel Literáti Nemes
Clifford Noe Joseph Kallinger Samuel Mason
Clifford Olson Joseph Ligambi Samuel Sidyno
Cody Legebokoff Joseph Lombardo Sandra Ávila Beltrán
Colin Ireland Joseph Lombardo Sanford Wallace
Colin Norris Joseph Magliocco Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez
Colm Murphy Joseph Massino Santo Trafficante, Jr.
Colonel Plug Joseph Merlino Santo Trafficante, Sr.
Constantin Sion Joseph Nacchio Sara Aldrete
Constantine Simonides Joseph Naso Sarah Makin
Coral Eugene Watts Joseph Paul Franklin Sataro Fukiage
Cord Widderich Joseph Pinzolo Satish
Craig Price Joseph Saltis Saul Antonio Turcios Angel
Cynthia Coffman Joseph Taborsky Scott Erskine
Cyrus Haley Joseph Todaro Scott Faughn
D. B. Cooper Joseph Vacher Scott Lee Kimball
Dagmar Overbye Josie Bassett Scott Levine
Đại Cathay Jozef Slovák Scott Reuben
Daisy de Melker Juan Carlos Ortiz Escobar Scott W. Rothstein
Dale Cregan Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía Scott Williams
Dale Hausner Juan Corona Sean Vincent Gillis
Dallen Bounds Juan Covington Seisaku Nakamura
Dámaso Rodríguez Martín Juan David Ochoa Vásquez Semion Mogilevich
Dana Plato Juan Diaz de Garayo Sepala Ekanayake
Dana Sue Gray Juan Francisco Murillo Díaz Serafín Zambada Ortiz
Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera Juan García Ábrego Sergei Martynov
Daniel Audiel López Martínez Juan José Esparragoza Moreno Sergei Mikhailov
Daniel Camargo Barbosa Juan Mejía González Sergei Ryakhovsky
Daniel Conahan Juan Nepomuceno Guerra Sergey Golovkin
Daniel Dingel Juana Barraza Sergio Enrique Ruiz-Tlapanco
Daniel Lee Siebert Judy Buenoano Sergio Villarreal Barragán
Danny Greene Julienne Bušić Serhiy Tkach
Danny Pang Julienne David Servando Gómez Martínez
Danny Rolling Julio Alberto Castillo Rodríguez Shamil Basayev
Darbara Singh Julio Pérez Silva Shantaram Kanhoji Jagtap
Dardo Cabo Jun Nishikawa Shap Ng-tsai
Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova Junaid Hussain Shawn Christian
David Alan Gore Junko Ogata Shawqi Salama Mustafa Atiya
David Barksdale Jürgen Bartsch Shelton Brothers Gang
David Barron Corona Justin Tanner Petersen Shen Changping
David Berkowitz Kang Ho Sun Shen Changyin
David Birnie Karl Denke Shirley Winters
David Carpenter Karl F. Warner Sholam Weiss
David Edward Maust Karl Sim Sibusiso Duma
David G. Friehling Karol Banaś Sigifredo Nájera Talamantes
David Mason Kaspars Petrov Silvia Meraz
David McMillan Kathleen Folbigg Silvo Plut
David Meirhofer Kazimierz Lux Simon Hannes
David Mulcahy Keith Hunter Jesperson Simone DeCavalcante
David Owen Brooks Kendall Francois Sipho Thwala
David Pajčin Kenichi Shinoda Sir Edmund Backhouse
David Parker Ray Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Sister Ping
David Randitsheni Kenneth Bianchi Solomon Dwek
David Stein Kenneth Erskine Sophie Charlotte Elisabeth Ursinus
David Thai Kenneth Fetterman Souhaila Andrawes
Dawood Ibrahim Kenneth McDuff Spanish Forger
Dayton Leroy Rogers Kenneth McGriff Sretko Kalinić
Dean Corll Kenneth Walton Stanisław Modzelewski
Dean Faiello Kenny Wagner Stanisława P.
Dean O’Banion Kevin Mitnick Stanley Mark Rifkin
Delfina de Jesús González Kevin Poulsen Staten Island Ninja
Delphine LaLaurie Kevin Thompson Stede Bonnet
Demetrius Flenory Kevin Trudeau Stefano Bontade
Denis L. Feron Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev Stefano Magaddino
Denis Vrain-Lucas Khun Sa Stefano Magaddino
Dennis Kozlowski Kieran Nugent Stephan Letter
Dennis Levine Kim Dotcom Stephanie St. Clair
Dennis Moran Kimberly Clark Saenz Stephanija Mayer
Dennis Nilsen Kirby Logan Archer Stephen Akinmurele
Dennis Rader Kiyoshi Ōkubo Stephen Griffiths
Derrick Todd Lee Kiyoshi Takayama Stephen Morin
Devendra Pandey Kiyotaka Katsuta Stephen Paster
Devil Anse Hatfield Klaus “The Minister” Bruinsma Stephen Port
Diabolito Klaus Störtebeker Stephen Richards
Diane O’Dell Klein Henszlein Stephen Walsh
Diego León Montoya Sánchez Konrad Kujau Steve Christian
Diepreye Alamieyeseigha Konstantin Lopatin Steve Wright
Dilip Sutar Koos Hertogs Steven Brian Pennell
Dina Wein Reis Koose Muniswamy Veerappan Steven David Catlin
Dino Bouterse Krishna Maharaj Steven Grieveson
Dionisio Loya Plancarte Kristen Gilbert Steven Sueppel
Domenico Raccuglia Kristina Svechinskaya Stewart Murray Wilson
Domingos Duarte Lima Kwon Hyi-ro Stewart Wilken
Domingos Fernandes Calabar Lam Kor-wan Süleyman Aktaş
Dominic Brooklier Lam Kwok-wai Sydney Warburg
Dominique You Lambros Katsonis Sylvia Browne
Donald Harvey Lanty Slee Tadashi Irie
Donald Henry Gaskins Larry Eyler Tadeo Fulgencío Mejía
Donald Leroy Evans Larry Fisher Taliq Abdelharam Sharif
Donald Neilson Larry Gene Ashbrook Tariel Oniani
Donato Bilancia Larry Hoover Tate George
Donovan “Bulbie” Bennett Larry Mendte Ted Bundy
Dorángel Vargas Laura Pendergest-Holt Ted Kaczynski
Dorothea Puente Laura Upthegrove Teodoro García Simental
Doug Clark Lawrence Bittaker Terry Adams
Doug DeCinces Lawrence Gwyn van Loon Terry Blair
Douglas Bruce Lee Boyd Malvo Terry Nichols
Dr Paweł Wasilewski Lee Israel The Aldington Gang
Dr. Janusz Kuliński Lee Roy Martin Theo van Wijngaarden
Du Jun Leigh Sprague Theodore Roe
Du Yuesheng Leila Khaled Thierry Paulin
Dündar Kılıç Leland Yee Thomas Bambridge
Dung Hà Lemuel Smith Thomas Chatterton
Dương Văn Khánh Leo Kuvayev Thomas Dillon
Dusty the Klepto Kitty Leo Sharp Thomas Eboli
Dutch Schultz Leoluca Bagarella Thomas Green
Dutch Voight Leonard Fraser Thomas Griffiths Wainewright
Dylan Klebold Leonard Lake Thomas Hall
E. M. Washington Leonard Rose Thomas Howard
Earl “Hymie” Weiss Leonarda Cianciulli Thomas Jeffries
Earl Belle Léopold Dion Thomas Leslie Outerbridge
Earle Leonard Nelson Leopoldo Franciolini Thomas Neill Cream
Ed Gein Leroy Barnes Thor Nis Christiansen
Ed Samples Leslie Irvin Thozamile Taki
Eddie Davidson Leszek Pękalski Thug Behram
Eddie Leonski Levi Bellfield Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha
Eddie McGrath Li Tianyi Tillie Klimek
Edgar Pearce Linda Bebko-Jones Tim Blixseth
Edgar Valdez Villarreal Linda Hazzard Timothy Krajcir
Edgardo Leyva Escandón Lindsay Robert Rose Timothy McVeigh
Edmé Samson Linwood Earl Briley Timothy Wilson Spencer
Edmund Kemper Liu Pengli Todd Salimuchai
Edson Isidoro Guimarães Logan Heights Gang Tom Crutchfield
Eduard Streltsov Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. Tom Crutchfield
Eduardo Arellano Félix Loren Herzog Tom Dennison
Eduardo de Valfierno Lorenzo Alejandro Laviosa Lopez Tom Petters
Edward Bunker Lorenzo Gilyard Tom Wise
Edward Donegan Los Ántrax Tommy Gagliano
Edward Edwards Los Mazatlecos Tommy Lucchese
Edward Emery Los Metros Tommy Lynn Sells
Edward Jordan Los Negros Tomo Razmilovic
Edward Lawrence Levy Los Pelones Tony Accardo
Edward Low Los Rojos Tony Costa
Edward Paisnel Lothar Malskat Tony Genna
Edward Simpson Lou Pearlman Tony Rezko
Edward Spreitzer Louay Omar Mohammed al-Taei Tony Tetro
Edward William Pritchard Louis DeNaples Topiary
Efren Saldivar Louis Lepke Tore Hedin
Elfriede Blauensteiner Louis Mandrin Trevor Hardy
Eli Boggs Louis Rothkopf Tron
Elias Xitavhudz Louis Wolfson Tsutomu Miyazaki
Elifasi Msomi Louise Peete Tuanku Abbas
Elisabeth Wiese Louis-Michel Aury Umaru Dikko
Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson Lowell Birrell Umesh Reddy
Elmer Wayne Henley Luciano Leggio University of Redwood
Elmyr de Hory Lucien Sarti Urs Hans von Aesch
Elmyr de Hory Lucio Urtubia Václav Mrázek
Elvis González Valencia Luigi Manocchio Valeriy Asratyan
Ely Sakhai Luis Amezcua Contreras Varadarajan Mudaliar
Emanuel Wynn Luis Fernando Sánchez Arellano Vasil Iliev
Émile Louis Luis Garavito Vasile Tcaciuc
Émile Schuffenecker Luis Sosa Vasili Komaroff
Emilio Picariello Ly Tong Vasiliy Kulik
Enedina Arellano Félix Lyda Southard Vaughn Greenwood
Enoch L. Johnson Lydia Sherman Veitel-Heine Ephraim
Enrique Plancarte Solís M. Jaishankar Velma Barfield
Enriqueta Martí Macario Alcala Canchola Vera Renczi
Erdinç Tekir Machine Gun Kelly Verry Idham Henyansyah
Eric Cobham Mack Ray Edwards Vicente Zambada Niebla
Eric Edgar Cooke Magdalena Solis Victor Amuso
Eric Harris Magister Wigbold Victor Patiño-Fomeque
Eric Hebborn Mahafarid Amir Khosravi Viktor Bout
Eric Muenter Mahee Ferdous Jalil Vincent Basciano
Eric Rudolph Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad Vincent Coll
Eric Sherbrooke Walker Mailoni Brothers Vincent Drucci
Ernest Durig Makarios Melissenos Vincent Gigante
Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo Mamoru Takuma Vincent Johnson
Erwin Hagedorn Mansel Alcantra Vincent Mangano
Erzsébet Báthory Manuel Alejandro Aponte Gómez Vincenzo Gambi
Eugen Weidmann Manuel Blanco Romasanta Vincenzo Genna
Eugene Hanley Manuel Delgado Villegas Vincenzo Puccio
Eugene Plotkin Manuel Octavio Bermúdez Vincenzo Virga
Evsei Agron Manuel Torres Félix Vinko Pintarić
F. Digby Hardy Marat Balagula Visalia Ransacker
Fabio Ochoa Vásquez Marc Dreier Vitaly Borker
Farid Fata Marc Dutroux Vito Cascio Ferro
Faryion Wardrip Marcel Francisci Vito Di Giorgio
Fausto Isidro Meza Flores Marcel Francisci Vito Genovese
Fawaz Younis Marcel Petiot Vito Rizzuto
Felícitas Sánchez Aguillón Marcelo Costa de Andrade Vito Vitale
Felipe Espinosa Marcus Postumius Pyrgensis Vladimir Kondratenko
Felix Alderisio Margaret Higgins Vladimir Kumarin
Felix Alderisio Margaret Waters Vladimir Levin
Felix Mitchell María de Jesús González Vladimir Mukhankin
Ferdinand Ward María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa Vladislav Volkovich
Fernand Legros Maria Gruber Vlado Taneski
Fernando Hernández Leyva Maria Lindsey Volker Eckert
Filiberto Hernández Martínez Maria Swanenburg Vyacheslav Ivankov
Filippo di Piero Strozzi Marianne Nölle Walter E. Ellis
Fletcher Christian Mariano Agate Walter Forbes
Flora Burn Marie Fikáčková Walter Kennedy
Florence Lassandro Marie Noe Walter L. Shaw
Florida Four Marinus van der Lubbe Walter Minx
FNAR Mario Alberto Sulú Canché Waltraud Wagner
Fort Whoop-Up Mario Borghezio Waneta Hoyt
Francesco Madonia Mario Cárdenas Guillén Wang Qiang
Francesco Maria Pratilli Mario Furlan Wang Sing-nan
Francesco Paolo Bontade Mario Gigante Waxey Gordon
Francis Heaulme Mario Prestifilippo Wayne Adam Ford
Francisca Ballesteros Mario Ramírez Treviño Wayne Boden
Francisco de Assis Pereira Marion Albert Pruett Wayne Williams
Francisco Garcia Escalero Mark Goudeau Werner von Clemm
Francisco Guerrero Mark Hofmann Wesley Shermantine
Francisco Javier Arellano Félix Mark Landis Westley Allan Dodd
Francisco Paula Gonzales Mark Whitacre Whitey Bulger
Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix Markus Hess Whydah Gally
François Nodot Martha Ann Johnson Wilbur B. Foshay
François Spirito Martha Beck Wiley Harpe
Franek Kluski Martha Needle Wilfried Böse
Frank “Funzi” Tieri Martha Rendell Willem van Eijk
Frank Abagnale Martin “The General” Cahill William Bonin
Frank Costello Martin Dumollard William Brodie
Frank DeSimone Martin Ferris William Burke
Frank DiPascali Martin Frankel William Cammisano
Frank Gust Martin Lecián William Chaloner
Frank Lucas Martin Ney William Dampier
Frank Salemme Mary Ann Britland William Dathan Holbert
Frank Sharp Mary Ann Cotton William D’Elia
Frank Vennes Mary Elizabeth Wilson William D’Elia
Frankie Yale Mary Read William Dodd
Franz Tieze Marylin Star William Fly
Fred Waterfield Mathew Bevan William Genovese
Fred West Mathew Martoma William Hance
Frederick Bailey Deeming Mathieu Moulinas William Hare
Frederick Hahneman Matt DeHart William Heirens
Frederick Mors Matteo Messina Denaro William Henry Ireland
Friedrich Schumann Matthew Cox William J. Kinney
Fritz Haarmann Matthew James Harris William J. Toye
Fritz Honka Matthew Quintal William Jardine
Futoshi Matsunaga Matti Haapoja William Jardine
Gabriel Garza Hoth Maury Travis William Josephus Stafford
Gaetano Badalamenti Max Butler William Kidd
Gaetano Fidanzati Max Florence William King
Gaetano Gianolla Max Mermelstein William L. Webster
Gaetano Reina Maxim Petrov William Lauder
Gaetano Vastola MegaMemory William MacDonald
Galindo Mellado Cruz Mehmet Ali Ağca William McCoy
Garrett Brock Trapnell Meir Abergil William Palmer
Gary Evans Melissa Calderon William Patrick Fyfe
Gary Michael Heidnik Melvin Rees William Roupell
Gary Ray Bowles Mery Valencia William Suff
Gary Ridgway Metod Trobec William Wantling
Gaspar DiGregorio Meyer Lansky Willie Moretti
Geert Jan Jansen Micajah Harpe Władysław Mazurkiewicz
Genene Jones Michael Bailey Wolfgang Abel
Gennady Mikhasevich Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson Wolfgang Beltracchi
Gente Nueva Michael Bruce Ross Wolfgang Schmidt
Genzo Kurita Michael Donovan Woody Erdman
George Cassiday Michael Hughes Xie Caiping
George Chapman Michael I. Monus Yaakov Alperon
George Gough Arbuthnot Michael John Hamdani Yaakov Teitel
George Graham Rice Michael Lee Lockhart Yang Xinhai
George Joseph Smith Michael Lupo Yasuo Hamanaka
George Jung Michael Madison Yavuz Yapıcıoğlu
George Leese Michael Milken Yellow Dog
George Metesky Michael Rizzitello Yitzhak Abergil
George Moran Michael Sabo Yoo Young-chul
George Puttenham Michael Sams Yoshiaki Murakami
George Remus Michael Swango Yoshiaki Tsutsumi
George Soros Michael Wayne McGray Yoshio Kodaira
George Wright Michel Fourniret YTCracker
Georgi Iliev Michel Roger Lafosse Yū Kikumura
Gerald Gallego Michele Cavataio Yuji Nishizawa
Gerald Parker Michele Greco Yukio Yamaji
Gerald Stano Michele Navarra Yves Chaudron
Gerard John Schaefer Michele Zaza Zdzisław Marchwicki
Gerardo Alvarez-Vazquez Mickey Cohen Željko “Arkan” Ražnatović
Gerardo González Valencia Mickey Munday Zhang Daqian
Gerlandino Messina Mickey Spillane Zhang Yongming
Gerry McGeough Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo Zhenli Ye Gon
Gert van Rooyen Miguel Caro Quintero Zhou Kehua
Gesche Gottfried Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela Zvonko Bušić

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