Alabama Prisons List

List of Prisons in Alabama. These are the correctional facilities located and operated by the state of Alabama as of 2015.

About Alabama Prisons

Alabama became a state in 1819. During that time people living on the frontier did not want the state to control how justice was applied. Instead, each city, town, or region had its own judge and way of imposing penalties on lawbreakers. In most cases, justice was swift and certain, but also harsh and possibly arbitrary.

Recognizing the need to ensure the state operate its justice system in a fair and equitable manner, Governor John Gayle led efforts in the 1830s to reform the system. His efforts were not unopposed but by August 21, 1839 land was bought to build the first prison in the state of Alabama.

By 1841, the 208 cell Wetumpka State Penitentiary had been completed at a cost of $84,889.

Since then, Alabama Prisons/Penitentiaries/Correctional Centers/Facilities have undergone radical changes. The state too has largely changed in its attitude towards the centralized justice system concept, though continues to maintain an independent streak. Today, rather than seek to mete out justice per local customs, the region is strongly states rights.

As with most other states, Alabama has a mix of state-run correctional facilities and Federal prisons.

Following is the mission of the Department of Corrections and a list of prisons in Alabama. Following this is information related to inmate populations in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. This second list shows the inmate populations in Federal facilities as of July 2017.

Alabama Department of Corrections

The mission of the Alabama Department of Corrections is to confine, manage and provide rehabilitative programs for convicted felons in a safe, secure and humane environment, utilizing professionals who are committed to public safety and to the positive re-entry of offenders into society.

From: Alabama Department of Corrections

English: This is a photograph of the entrance ...
English: This is a photograph of the entrance of Red Eagle Prison Honor Farm in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

List of Alabama Prisons

Click here for a map of Alabama Prison locations

Alex City Work Release Center Fountain Correctional Facility
Atmore Work Release Center Frank Lee Youth Center
Bibb Correctional Facility Hamilton Aged & Infirmed
Birmingham Work Release Center Hamilton Work Release Center
Bullock Correctional Facility Holman Correctional Facility
Bullock Work Release Center Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women
Camden Work Release Center Kilby Correctional Facility
Childersburg Boot & Work Camp Limestone Correctional Facility
Childersburg Work Release Center Loxley Community Work Camp
Davis Correctional Facility Loxley Work Release Center
Decatur Work Release Center Mobile Work Release Center
Draper Correctional Facility Montgomery Work Release Center
Easterling Correctional Facility Red Eagle Honor Farm
Elba Work Release Center St. Clair Correctional Facility
Elmore Correctional Facility Staton Correctional Facility
Farquhar Cattle Ranch Ventress Correctional Facility
William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility

Federal Prisons in Alabama

Inmate Population of Alabama Federal BOP Institutions as of July 2017

3413 Total Inmates Confined to Federal Correctional Facilities in Alabama July 2017

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