The fields of criminal justice and law offer a vast array of interesting and satisfying careers. To be sure, a career in cirminal justice is not for everyone. But for those inclined, the system offers numerous avenues.

In this set of pages, you will find information specifically related to careers in the Criminal Justice & Law professions.

We may add a job search function in the future if that is something our readers indicate would be useful.

You will find a listing/index of Universities which offer criminal justice, law, and related degree programs and later this list will be developed further into pages detailing the programs at each along with additional useful information.

There is also a section focusing on the careers available in the justice fields. On each page you will find detailed information related to the career, what to expect, how to prepare, and whom to contact.

For those already in the system considering a job change, use these pages to learn what is needed to make the move. For those considering a career in Criminal Justice or Law, use these pages to determine which career in Criminal Justice Law is right for you along with what training you should pursue. This list is broken into the four key areas wherein criminal justice and law careers reside. These are,

  1. Education/Research Careers
  2. Enforcement Careers
  3. Judicial Careers
  4. Corrections Careers
  5. Peripheral Organizations

Criminology Careers/Education/Research

English: The Criminal Justice Building at Nort...
English: The Criminal Justice Building at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Criminology Careers require a deep interest in human behavior, an intellectual spirit, and advanced training. These are the academics in criminal justice law and are most often found in Universities, but can also be found working as consultants for law enforcement agencies, court systems, and correctional facilities. In some major cities, those with criminology careers will often work as special detectives or alongside detectives handling special cases.

Law Enforcement Careers

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Office of...
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Office of the Inspector General Mobile Command Center – Chevy 3500 (Photo credit: AV8PIX Christopher Ebdon)

Perhaps no career in the Criminal Justice system is both as rewarding and challenging as one in enforcement. Law Enforcement is a complex and difficult career, often requiring quick judgment calls and calm under intense pressure. A career in Law Enforcement is not one to consider lightly. In this section, you will learn what each position is, how to prepare or train for the position, how to apply, and starting salaries.

  • ATF Attorney
  • ATF Industry Operations Investigator
  • ATF Special Agent
  • ATF Technician
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • CIA Agent
  • Coast Guard Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Counter Terrorism Officer
  • Crime Lab Analyst
  • Crime Scene Investigator

    FBI Criminal Justice Information Services.
    FBI Criminal Justice Information Services. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Customs Agent
  • DEA Agent
  • Diplomatic Security Officer
  • Dispatcher
  • FBI Agent
  • FBI Linguist
  • FBI Professional Staff
  • Federal Air Marshal
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Forensic Computer Specialist
  • Forensic Engineer
  • Forensic Odontologist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Forensic Psychologist

    English: The Seal of the United States Federal...
    English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Game Warden
  • Homeland Security Agent
  • INS Agent
  • Information Security Officer
  • INS Agent
  • IRS Special Agent
  • K9 Officer
  • NSA Police Officer
  • Private Security
  • Police Detective
  • Police Officer
  • Private Investigator
  • Psychological Profiler
  • Secret Service Agent
  • Sheriff
  • Sheriff Deputy
  • State Trooper
  • Surveillance Officer
  • TSA Screener
  • U.S. Marshal

Judicial System Careers

: Criminal Justice Center
: Criminal Justice Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Within the Judicial System are many careers which require years of training and experience. However, there are also many other careers which may require little to no experience or training for training is often done on the job. Many within the Judicial System begin as attorney’s and clerks and move up with time. In this section, you will learn about each position, how to get there, and how best to map your path to the position you most desire.

  • Bailiff
  • Court Reporter
  • Court Clerk
  • Judge
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Lawyers/Attorneys
  • Law Librarian
  • Magistrate
  • Medical Examiner
  • Paralegal

Correctional System Careers

English: Huntsville Unit, Huntsville, TX Españ...
English: Huntsville Unit, Huntsville, TX Español: Unidad de Huntsville, Huntsville, TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Correctional System is diverse with many positions requiring no formal training while others require extensive educations. With the largest prison population in the world and not abating any time soon, careers in Corrections are expected to grow faster than average in America. In this section, you will be provided with job descriptions, the average wage to expect from each, how to train for the position, and how to apply.

This list of careers in Criminal Justice and Law is by no means exhaustive for many jurisdictions have specialized roles depending on the needs of their community. In addition, within many agencies are many less glamorous, yet vital positions. We will continue adding to this list over time with a view to making it exhaustive.

Still, you should find the key resources you need here to determine the best move for your future. For instance

  • List of Colleges and Universities in the U.S. – Currently available on with pages containing important information for prospective students coming soon.
  • List of Colleges and Universities, International – We are in the process of developing a list of International colleges and universities offering criminal justice and law degree programs.

In addition, we will provide a number of unique tools related specifically to helping those entering Criminal Justice and Law fields including useful links to organizations

  • hiring criminal justice and law graduates
  • providing support programs/tools
  • offering specialty services to aid graduates
  • and more

Peripheral Organizations

Peripheral Organizations are those which are not part of the actual system. Such groups are neither government funded nor operated. They are private and public, commercial and non-profit, lobbys and interest groups. Some of the careers available in these groups include

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Writing
  4. Drafting and Design
  5. Engineering
  6. Commercial Arts
  7. Office Management
  8. Accounting
  9. IT and Data Collection
  10. Public Relations
  11. and many more

There are so many organizations which provide products and services to the various elements of criminal justice and law that the list is really endless. Over time, we will continue to add as much information related to employment and careers in Criminal Justice, Law, and related fields as possible. Bookmark and return often.

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