Being Injured In A Salon Might Equal More Than A Bad Hair Day: Know Your Personal Injury Rights

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When you go to the hair salon, it should be a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling rested and beautiful — but what happens if that isn’t your experience? Everyone has had at least one bad haircut in their lifetime, and chances are that you just searched for someone different to cut your hair. However, there are times when going to the salon can turn into more than a bad hair day.



Many salons offer more than just haircuts. Some have massage and pedicures, while other salons in Santa Ana have chemical peels or even Botox injections. While you don’t typically think that something can go terribly wrong and you can be injured, it is a real risk in many salons across Santa Ana. With so many new treatments being offered, there is a likelihood that you can get hurt. And if you are, you need to know what the salon’s liability is.


When you look around a salon, it might look harmless, but look closer: there are scissors, blades, electrical cords, hair curlers and a vast array of chemicals to dye, straighten, curl, and change hair color. Although not a lot of injuries occur in the salon, it is a wonder with all the potential risks.


According to a Santa Ana injury attorney, one of the most common types of personal injury in salons is burns. Workers typically use things like hair dryers, waxing devices, chemicals that can burn, and curling irons. When someone is injured, it is typically a surface wound and nothing serious. But there are times when major injuries happen — like scarring, hair loss, and permanent injuries to both body and mind. Another common area of injury is the back of the neck. Whether it is straining your neck while laying your head in the washing bin, scalding the back of your neck, or having it cut with a razor, the pain and suffering can be pretty extensive and long-lasting.


In these instances, there might be times when a personal injury lawsuit is warranted, and you may be able to recover for your damages and any pain and suffering that you endure. In beauty salons, as with any other business, you have to prove that your injury was sustained through the negligence of someone else. You have to show that the salon personnel injured you in some way or didn’t take reasonable care to prevent you from getting injured.


If you can prove either one of those things, then it is considered a “breach of duty,” which can make your hairdresser liable for your damages and injuries. There are also times when you might be able to sue because someone didn’t have the proper knowledge, licensure, or qualifications to be performing the service that they were when you got injured. Not being properly licensed can open them up to being liable in a personal injury suit.


In other cases you might be injured by something that isn’t due to the direct negligence of the salon, but makes someone related to it, liable. An example is when someone uses a product on your hair, and you find out that the product was to blame for your injuries. The salon itself might not be liable, but the manufacturer who supplied the salon with the chemical might be. Or, if you get electrocuted by a spark that comes from an appliance in the salon. It might not be the salon’s fault, but the manufacturer who made the curling iron that shocked you might be to blame.


If you have been injured in a salon, you might just assume that it was “bad luck,” but you shouldn’t. Just like any other business or injury, if you are hurt while at a place of business or through the negligence of someone else, then there is a good potential that someone is liable for your injuries. To ensure that you recover all that you are eligible for in a salon accident, it is an excellent idea to hire a personal injury lawyer in the Santa Ana area who can ensure that you are fairly compensated.


Hugh Howerton