August 17, 1865 Happy Anniversary India Central Police Organization

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As fans of history, we at Criminal Justice Law International decided it would be a nice touch to start a new segment in our blog dedicated to anniversary dates. As it happens, the first installment in this continuing series belongs to the nation of India. The purpose of these posts will be to share a brief history behind various criminal justice organizations around the world. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss an installment.

August 17, 2017 Marks Anniversary of the India Central Police Organization

Although it was just a matter of chance that the first anniversary post on deciding to launch this segment would be the India Central Police Organization, it is most fitting. Tracing the start of national police in India is unusual. The nations legal system and ruling structure is vastly different today than when police were introduced. Does one then count the birth of policing in India to the Partition in 1947 or to the British Colonial Period?

Hard to say.

To be sure, centralization of police forces began during Colonial rule and was carried over under Indian independence. When the new nation formed its government, it did not abolish centralized policing which means that the more accurate anniversary date traces to August 17, 1865. This was the date that the first official police forces were introduced to the subcontinent. Technically, the creation of these central police forces began by act of Parliament in 1861. The Indian Councils Act created a professional, national police force for the nation. Initially called the Superior Police Forces, the force would later be called the India Imperial Police.

Not until India gained independence from England and established its own government did the name change to the current Central Police Organization. Today, the India Central Police Organization is comprised of several specializing forces. These are:

Happy Anniversary Central Police Organization of India

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By wishing the Central Police Organization a happy anniversary, we hope to do our part to expand understanding.


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