Justice. Every civilization in history has had a judicial system/process. Every nation on earth claims to be just. Every person claims to believe in justice.

Yet, throughout history justice has largely eluded humanity. For a lack of justice, humans have fought innumerable wars, committed attrocities, and failed to eliminate crime. Justice, then, is something which must be continually sought after. We must constantly strive to become more just…we must work to better justice.

CriminalJusticeLaw.org is largely for students of criminal justice, law professionals, and anyone facing a criminal case today. Our mission is to help anyone facing injustice at the hands of the judicial system.

At CriminalJusticeLaw.org you will find…

  • Tools to help better defend clients
  • Answers to the questions most crimnal defendants ask
  • Information related to incarceration/life behind bars
  • Information on navigating the justice system
  • Tips for finding the perfect attorney for you
  • Information for anyone seeking a job in criminal justice or law
  • Resources for students of criminal justice and law

In developing this site, the goal remains balance. Balance is necessary in justice. However, the current situation in most western nations is one of justice imbalance. So this site leans more to the side generally called the defense.


My name is C J Oakes and I am a ghost writer. I originally started criminaljusticelaw.org for sounding off when I saw injustice. I started with essays from college and added articles where I saw fit. In time, I found tools which were useful to me, so I added them.

Thus CriminalJusticeLaw.org is for…

  • Students of Criminal Justice and Law
  • Criminal Defense Attorney’s seeking fresh ideas
  • Prospective clients needing their services
  • Anyone with questions about the system
  • Anyone interested in being better equipped to confront injustice in the system
  • Professionals in the system who face the harsh reality every day that while the system is not broken, it is in need of some adjustments
  • Anyone interested in the power of right to build a better world. A Just World.

The Scales of Justice Demand Balance

The Scales of Justice are NEVER Balanced. However, this does not mean that balance should not be sought. Rather, it should be the mission of every member of the criminal justice and law professions to constantly be alert to instances wherein the scales may be adjusted.cropped-logo.jpg

Just what does this mean?

In keeping with our slogan, at CriminalJusticeLaw.org we seek to improve the justice system, not just in the U.S., but worldwide. The simple fact is that the world is changing, becoming global. Still, all want justice and as elusive as it may seem at times, justice is attainable.

Still, justice is never entirely balanced and over time the scales tilt to one side or the other. Just what are the two sides of justice as represented by the scales?

Consider what former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt said on the subject.

“Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong.” – Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

In other words, justice has to do with right and wrong. Can justice be that simple?

The founding of the United States provides a simple, yet powerful example to illustrate justice. The formation of that nation resulted from multiple injustices meted out to the British Colonies by the King of England. In fact, the Declaration of Independence spells out 27 specific acts of injustice that the colonists faced daily as the reasons for their separation from the crown. Note as well the opening words of the Declaration…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…among these…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

– United States Declaration of Independence, 1776

Note that word “just.” This of course is the shortened version of justice. So governments derive their power, rightfully, justly, from the governed…the people. However, this also alludes to the purpose of government and by way of extension, the nature of justice.

The document wisely notes that the purpose of government is to “secure” or “protect” the rights of all the governed to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” So naturally, if government is failing in this regard, they are failing to behave justly towards their citizens.

Criminal Laws and the Application of Justice

So laws are created to better ensure that the people may live life on their terms…doing as they see right or just. Yet, many in history have noted that at times, laws themselves may become oppressive.

“It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”
― James Madison

“When the state is most corrupt, then the laws are most multiplied.”

― Tacitus

like to advertise on cjloAs Tacitus noted, corruption in government tends to cause laws to grow. Put with Madison’s words, it makes sense. A corrupt government must find a way to control the people more and really, the only true control that any government has over the people is the ability to pass laws. So, a government seeking more control will seek more laws. In such conditions, injustice is natural, justice is not.

Thus, the application of justice tends to become such that those who either inform themselves or can afford to hire a representative of the law hold an advantage over those who do neither. This is why we hear so many stories today of people being wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. Such injustice tends to fall more on those who cannot afford a good attorney. Thus, justice tends to be for sale in an environment where laws flourish. This is not justice at all, but a poor approximation of the ideal.

The Purpose of CriminalJusticeLaw.org

Throughout the world today, governments and people are struggling to find the balance that justice demands. On the one side of the scales is the government and those entrusted to administer the laws necessary to ensure that people are treated rightly, fairly. On the other side of the scales are the masses of humanity with varied and multiple needs. The goal of this site is to examine all matters related to balancing the scales of justice.

So we look at both practical and philosophical sides of subject. Here is what you will find at CriminalJusticeLaw.org.

The three key facets of the criminal justice system…

  • Corrections – This section focuses on the Correctional Departments around the world. It goes without saying that justice is impossible without some means of dealing with those rightfully convicted of wronging society. Too, the correctional systems around the world vary considerably so balancing the scales for criminals globally can be tricky.
  • Enforcement – Enforcement of laws is an often derided element of criminal justice and law, yet it is a very necessary element. Although the government can become oppressive, it still must enforce laws for the good of the people.
  • Law – What about law itself? In this section, we examine various laws, the impact of such laws on society, and whether such laws are just or not. In addition, we present information here related to courts and trials, prosecutors and defense attorney’s, and defendants and victims. The goal is the explore the judicial elements of the criminal justice system.

And the intellectual side of criminal justice law…

  • Careers – Here we explore not only the various careers open to those interested in criminal justice and law, but also the schools where one may find the appropriate training. In fact, you will find a listing of every University in America providing criminal justice or law degrees.
  • Philosophy – In this section, we explore the intellectual part of criminal justice and law.
  • Issues – Current events and issues in criminal justice and law will be explored in these pages. Whereas the blog will contain opinion pieces and news, this section will seek to explore criminal justice law from a neutral perspective.
  • Crime – Of course, crime is the antithesis of justice. In theory, when a crime is committed, someone is wronged…an injustice occurs. Whereas the rightness of such laws is dealt with in Philosophy, the crime itself is the focus of this section. Here we present statistics and data along with information specifically related to actual crimes.

Coming Soon to CriminalJusticeLaw.org

  • Social Justice – Coming soon is a separate section dealing with a growing concept – Social justice. of course, justice itself is part and parcel to society, so this concept is something of a misnomer, but it is the term used to describe a movement on the part of society to balance the scales of criminal justice law worldwide. Related to this is Globalization, so in this section, we will deal with issues related to that and how it impacts crime, law, and society.

In CriminalJusticeLaw.org you will find tools to help in locate important information. We review websites and books. We provide subject lists of useful links. And we will continue to develop useful resources for you.

For instance, we currently offer a complete listing of every police force in the United States. Also, you can find a list of every prison in the nation as well. We are in the process of developing lists of every

  • criminal defense attorney
  • medical examiner
  • forensics lab
  • prosecutor’s office
  • All of the above for every nation on earth

Creating these lists will take years, but our mission is to provide Resources for Balanced Justice. Such lists are necessary tools to this end.

“It is impossible to struggle for civil rights, equal rights for blacks, without including whites. Because equal rights, fair play, justice, are all like the air: we all have it, or none of us has it. That is the truth of it.”

– Maya Angelou

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C. J. Oakes

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